We were pretty blown away by the debut single from London based trio MOVIE which came out almost a year ago under mysterious circumstances. They're keeping up the pace with their latest, 'Misty Windowpane', and we now know a bit more about them as well - Theo Spark (vocals/guitar), Jamie Stiby Harris (vocals/keys/guitar) and Ollie Tobin (bass) make up the band, who have all been friends since they were 10 years old.

'Misty Windowpane' brings together their love of classic girl groups of the past with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that'll bring a smile to your face and hooks that are as bright as the yellow blazer in their press photo. It's immediately infectious and a shining light at a time where the indie-rock world is seeming to be at its saturation point, and you can listen to it for yourself below. The song is from their forthcoming EP Tusk Vegas, which drops on 23 February.

MOVIE are playing at the Dalston Victoria in London the day of their EP release to celebrate, and you can pick up your tickets here if you'd like to attend! It's sure to be a treat.