Exactly 13 months after the release of A Productive Cough, New Jersey punks Titus Andronicus have already announced a new album titled An Obelisk, out June 21 via Merge Records. For listeners disappointed with the scaled-back punk-isms of the band’s 2018 record, jump for joy because An Obelisk was produced by legendary Husker Dü frontman Bob Mould.

In a statement issued alongside the record announcement, Titus frontman Patrick Stickles says that “While the common ‘punk rocker’ will take this as license to piss on the street and generally pursue a lifestyle of nihilistic hedonism, the true ‘punk’ will recognize the price of this freedom. An Obelisk tells the story of one particular individual, someone maybe a lot like you but certainly a lot like me, scouring linty pockets, trying to pay that bill.”

Along with the news of a new album that will reportedly appeal to the everyman, the trio offers up an acerbic taste of their forthcoming record with the track—queues up “We Live in a Society” meme—’(I Blame) Society.’ Jokes aside, the lead single is good ‘ole meat-and-potatoes punk rock served with a heaping side of political angst made evident through frontman Patrick Stickles’ vitriol-filled screams: “I’m not sick, the system is / despicable and twisted.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘(I Blame) Society’ above and follow the band on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.