After the blisteringly extreme experimentalism of his late 2015 WIPER FBX EP (released by Dream Disc), Berlin-based New Zealand techno producer/performer Tlaotlon returns with a new EP titled ACACIA A​/​V.

Released via Weird Ear Records in limited edition transparent flexi disc vinyl and digital download formats, the two song EP and its accompanying artwork explores themes of biological defence systems, shape-shifting and avoiding recognition. While this makes for a heavily conceptual framework, Tlaotlon's remarkably accomplished production skills, feel and command of mood and tone allow him to explore these ideas through the ever-shifting, unstable and impressively vibrant soundworlds displayed on 'Turbo Mimosa' and 'Nekta'.

As Weird Ear Records put it, "In all honesty, we have been waiting for this music for a long time, as it sits in a place we feel untouched by its closest associates, a place that many have tried to go, but, like that intangible pulse that this music pulls and pushes from, the path there is beset on all sides with strategies to dissuade from entry, but, thankfully for us, Tlaotlon has found a way, and continues to confound from within."

You can purchase ACACIA A​/​V from the Weird Ear Records Bandcamp page.