Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be checking out this week, featuring the likes of Cloud Boat, Cousin Marnie, Halsey, Kyan and a bunch more.

Cousin Marnie - 'Cain'

Julie Ann Hartigan is back with the follow-up to her Is Sleeping EP. 'Cain' is a piano driven, echo-y track featuring fairy-like voices combined with choir-esque vocals and a fat bass. It's like your favourite pop song has morphed into a weird, dark folk-pop track (in the best way possible). Prepare yourselves for the big 'boom' ending. How else did you think Cousing Marnie would end this song? To be frank, she had me at "hello, I'm just chilling here with my cat, making this crazy goth-folk-pop."

Cloud Boat - 'Carmine'

Melodic, honest and mellow music is what London duo Cloud Boat are all about. After releasing their debut album Book Of Hours on R&S Records last year, Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke have already promised a follow up for this summer. This melancholic candy is up for free download. Enjoy.

G FrSh ft. Sonny Reeves - 'Falling High'

After signing with Tinie Tempah's Disturbing London label, G FrSh is determined to show us why he's one of the most promising rappers in the UK. He knows how to wrap up real life via his lyrics - making his music powerful and emotional. Accompanied by Sonny Reeves' (aka Dot JR's) silky vocals, this track's been in my head for days. 'Falling High' is taken from G's upcoming EP, Alfie.

Halsey - 'Ghost'

Halsey is an anagram of Ashley, aka the artist behind the Halsey moniker. She's 'searching for something', yet manages to present us with a crystal clear, banging electro-pop track along the way. It's not something you'd expect from a 19-year-old's debut single. 'Ghost' is simple, right on point and fresh.

Jon E.K. - 'Those Eyes'

Following his single 'Crumble', Jon E.K. is back with 'Those Eyes', confidently stating that "inside there's an all-together different emotion," which is very true. As you might have guessed by now, I am really into dark, pop R&B sounds, but this L.A. based artist also brings something crisp to it. This is the shape of sexy R&B in 2014, ingeniously combined with a soulful bedroom sound that managed to find its way out of the bedroom and straight to the club.

Kyan - 'Rosetta'

This British newcomer has been on my radar for a while. It feels a bit premature to draw comparisons to the likes of Frank Ocean, but Kyan has definitely stood the test of time. I'm in love with his forward-thinking, neo-soul, future R&B sound. 'Rosetta' is psychedelic driven - drowning in poetic lyrics and rich harmonies. It's a little taste of Kyan's The Purple Experiment EP, which you can download for free!

SomeKindaWonderful - 'Reverse'

Ohio trio SomeKindaWonderful tell their story in reverse 'cause it hurts' - with a soul-rock manner that will make you remember the times you thought were long gone. "But I'm tantalized by their legs and long hair, but if I could do it again, I would do it again." Cheating tales take on different shapes nowadays, and hey, I love it, tell it like it is, especially if you can combine it with 60s-glam-soul/R&B sounds and big orchestral grooves. 'Reverse' is the first single from SomeKindaWonderful's debut album, out this summer on Downtown/White Clover Records.

Sonia Stein - 'Symbol'

London's Sonia Stein is all about soothing harmonies and big, dramatic questions layered smoothly upon piano-driven sounds. She's been in the studio with Liam Howe - FKA Twigs, Jessie Ware and Ellie Goulding - but it's a pleasure to hear her creating own sound instead of being influenced by their work. 'Symbol' is minimal, yet haunting.

X priest X - 'Isn't It So'

Florida duo Madeline Priest and David Kazyk bring us "the fastest and most expensive car you'll drive this year' "and the ride is awesome - with soft synths intertwined with Madeline's floaty vocals, making you want to organize a pool party in your backyard, even though you probably don't have a pool, or a backyard. Life is tough. 'Isn't It So' is from their Samurai EP, out on Emotion in April.

Zella Day - 'Sweet Ophelia'

Zella Day's childhood was about "the sound of strumming guitars; the feel of the soft, wet clay; the scent of fresh brewed coffee." She's decided to introduce us to her life via iconic indie-pop sounds, combined with synths and strings. She haunts us with her unique voice, paving the way towards stardom - only she's doing it in such a light and honest way. Crunchy iconic pop it is.