Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Belinda to Blooms, she's got your back. Dive in - the water is warm.

Beldina - 'Blow Me Away'

Beldina's sound, according to the artist herself, is soulectro - it's like Rihanna, Solange Knowles and Ciara partying at a disco. 'Blow Me Away' is taken from her Opening Act mixtape, which was released back in February. I'm in love with the Stockholm/Los Angeles' sweetheart's soft voice, style and her ability to present familiar sounds in a new way.

Blooms - 'Lust'

With her If EP on the way, Blooms (aka Irish-born Louise Cunnane) is hitting back with 'Lust' - another emotional infused alt-pop track inhabited by minimalistic atmosphere and beautiful lyrics. As Blooms explains, "lust takes over your mind before your heart has a chance to catch up. It's a hard feeling to ignore and can catapult you into something you're not ready for." A great follow-up to 'Skin'.

Charlie Barclay-Webb - 'Get To Know Me'

With a powerful drop, great flow, baby-making melodies/harmonies and a slightly unusual voice, Webb has created an early-night club banger. 'Get To Know Me' is the perfect introduction to his work, and yes, I want more. The feeling of excitement for discovering a new artist never gets old.

DUUV - 'Raw'

New York has always been known for its raw honesty, and if you're talented, you just might make something out of it. Produced by Canada's Blank Banshee, 'Raw' finds this sweet-sounding NYC rapper spitting the realest rhymes, shaken by bass and driven by samples and swirling percussion. "Me and fake shit, we don't get along" is what drives DUUV, and she's certainly pulled me into her world.

Emilie Nicolas - 'Grown Up'

'Grown Up' is a soft, warm and nostalgia-filled song - which is represented perfectly with the childhood footage found in the video (Andre Chocron was the one to give Emilie's old family 8mm tapes a resurrection). Following her cover of an old classic by DumDum Boys, 'Pstereo', the Norwegian artist is back with a 'tribute to her father'. It's one of the most intimate and touching songs I've heard in a while.

Ivy & Gold - 'Not Had Enough'

"Run, there's a fire burning me down, gone, you left me like a ghost in an empty town." Now, we don't know if this electro pop duo from were named after a Bombay Bicycle Club song, but they do have something of their own. Their debut release came in the form of 2013's Awake, a digital 4-track EP, and now they're back with their Eye Of The Storp EP. Rachel Wilkinson and Jamie Davies bring us a much needed dose of alt pop with an electro filler.

Lavachild - 'Want You To'

Chantel Marie is a new girl in the game, and under her Lavachild moniker she's showcasing ethereal trap-pop visions. Brooklyn, her base, and Vancouver, her hometown, now share a wonderful connection, with Lavachild's musical and visual aesthetics represented in a minimalistic, yet very defined way. It's soulful and it's dark; it's emotional yet detached from anything you want it to be and at the same time is fulfils all your expectations. Wandering around New York has found its way to music many times before, yet this video feels fresh. Chantel has exposed her lovely falsetto, highlighting her shadows - bringing the minimalistic track a dose of reflection.

Olawumi - 'Fame'

I'm hoping fame is out to get this girl - we need powerful, self-conscious, strong, determined voices of empowerment around. New Jersey artist Olawumi says she doesn't do it for the fame, and yet, she doesn't need to state that - we can feel it. Produced by Philly's Cloud Atrium, 'Fame' brings a different feel to today's sound of R&B.

Suvi - 'Find You'

Born and raised in Finland, Suvi is the latest electro pop act on the rise - with Nordic pop vibes swirling around. Following 2013's 'Bleeding Four Your Love', she's back with 'Find You' - a somewhat orchestral, dramatic song. It's like 'All Of The Lights' but with a subtle, emotional touch. "Not what it seems, all we do is dream." Yes, Suvi, you got that right.

Zhala - 'Prophet'

Approved by Robyn, and signed to her Konichiwa Records, Zhala is here and "makes the most interesting music that takes you on a ride with each song. It's so broad and has so much integrity at the same time," as Swedish electro pop icon Robyn's put it. Zhala's cross-genre experimentation leads to some great, fresh sounding electro pop, making her one of the most exciting new acts right now. After her 2012 single, 'Slipping Around', the Stochholm electro pop songstress is bringing yet another flavour: industrial rave-up synth pop. Her Prophet EP included a version with the Konichiwa boss Robyn, as well, and I'm feeling pretty excited to hear more of her experimental, yet summery feeling pop music.