Tamara Saul presents 10 new artists you should be listening to this week. It's an all-female edition in celebration of last weekend's 'International Women's Day'.

Demmy Sober - 'Real Life Fantasy' (prod. by BOSC)

Real life often kills fantasy, especially if you're sober, but Demmy's found her own. If you ever wondered what alt-pop/R&B from Barcelona sounds like, this is it. 'Real Life Fantasy' serves as the perfect debut track for this Belgian/American living in Spain, but she's certainly no beginner in the music world, as spanish DJs are totally in love with her vocals.

Doe Paoro - 'Walking Backwards'

Brooklyn-based Sonia Kreitzer, aka Doe Paoro, is back with a dramatic sounding orchestral track. The lead track from her upcoming EP entitled Ink On The Walls is as dark and as anxious as the lyrics: "cigarette ash falling from the sky." Well, I guess that's what you get when have Bon Iver's drummer Sean Carey on production duties. Brace yourself: Ink On The Walls is out this April via Middle West.

Marlene & Ji Nilsson - 'Love You Anyway'

Is there anything people need more than love? Yes - it's that they're going to be loved regardless. 'Anyway' here stands for the many things that usually go wrong with relationships. It's so calming and soothing knowing you can count on someone no matter what. After 'Bon Voyage' and 'Stay Awake', Swedish artist Marlene is back with an intimate electro-pop track, co-written with Ji Nilsson and shared with us in celebration of International Women's Day. "I'm going to be your ally whatever you say, when you shut me out, I'm gonna love you anyway" is possibly the next female friendship hymn and a reminder to work on our own friendships. Sweden's done it again.

MU - 'Everything'

As a part of their self-titled EP, 'Everything' really does bring it all - seeking "adventures in the tragedies of youth". It shows that bedroom synth-pop really is taking over. In a word saturated with the aforementioned, there's only that 'feeling' that can help you distinct the good from the copy-cats. Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand really know their 'bitchcraft' (hey, they used it!). Combining glitchy beats with laughter samples and simple yet, naked-feeling lyrics - the duo present a dose of honest alternative pop.

NAVVI - 'Give Your Ghost'

NAVVI is an electro-pop duo from Seattle, with Kristin Henry on vocals and Brad Boettger on production. The vocals melt so perfectly with the saturated beat and swirling echo. Is the beat crying? After giving us a little taste of what they go for with 'Weekends', 'No Lights' and 'Black Coast', 'Give Your Ghost' is the perfect combination of them all.

Nuoli - 'My Curse Is My Mind'

Nuoli is a Stockholm based musician and producer who works hard for the concept of her music to be a political slap in the face against inequality and she does it in a classy, simple and easily digestible pop-folk way. Sweden is known for its pop and yet all these acts manage to make their own imprint. Addressing political and social issues, yet making it emotional, raw and melodic is Nuoli's thing. She's decided to change the way society treats women, and music is her manifesto - making her a perfect pick for this 'all girl' special. Get ready for Nuoli's first EP coming this winter!

Samsaya - 'Stereotype'

Samsaya is an Indian girl in Norway evoking her heritage in an infectious pop/hip-hop manner, yet killing the 'stereotype'. 3mm is the size of the gap between her front teeth and therefore, well of course, the name of her own label, releasing magma pop. She also likes to draw a red heart around her eye. She's outspoken, whether it'd be her lyrics or decisions (like the one to shoot this video in Goa, after being talked out of due to security reasons). She's using her every chance to show her own personality, rather than an oversimplified idea. She's also surprised us with some pop gems before, like 'Apple' and 'Breaking Bad', but this is the one that's been stuck in my mind for the past few months. 'Stereotype' was produced by Roc Nation's Fred Ball. Go get her Bombay Calling album!

Sevdaliza - 'Clear Air'

There's something about tribal-like dance, seriousness and colours vibrating - combined with the synth-driven beat and bass - that makes 'Clear Air' feel like it's come from Earth's womb, creating an apocalyptic-feel for this Iranian's debut track. This may come as her introduction, but Sevdaliza's no rookie. Evoking Jai Paul, she's making an statement rather than simply creating a similar feeling. Her vocals are simple, providing the melody with plenty of expression. Sevdaliza's tribe will grow!

Sizzy Rocket - 'I Wanna Rob'

This feels like ASTR meets MS MR meets Gwen Stefani meets LIZ. It's raw, it's pop, it's R&B, it's aggressive, it's good. Sizzy Rocket wants to "rob your heart like a jewel" and that's exactly what she's does after just a few bars. The L.A. girl found her anger and her love. Well I guess that makes her a New Yorker in a way? Yes. The video is as dark as the song feels. This is a real treat, and I'm telling you now: watch out for this girl. Now, let me go shout something out the window.

Suzi Analogue - 'Jump Rope'

How long has it been since you last jumped rope? Well, Suzi's here to remind you and make you reminisce about the finer things in life, showcasing it via a chilled-out-industrial-kind-of-nostalgic-R&B track. It's also a playful love song, backed by a heavy beat/soulful vocals and taken from her Chills + Thrills EP. This Raw&B producer/songwriter/songstress/DJ New Yorker looks like she's doing her own thing and couldn't care less what anyone else thinks, and why would she? Together with Tokimonsta, she's forming one of the dopest collaborative duos around, Analogue Monsta. She does very well on her own, though. Jump rope!