It's a real miracle I got anything done the week thanks to Flappy Bird, but thankfully I did! Here is some music you need to check out: from Dai Burger's colourful and Yummy Soufflé, to some electro-pop from Austria. Ever had an urge to scream "left my home with a dream and a cigarette" in a shower? If not you will now.

Dai Buger - 'Soufflé'

At the start of the year, New York's sweetheart Dai Burger blessed us with her 12-track mixtape In Ya Mouf, bringing us some fresh and crisp beats to start things right. Her 'Soufflé' is colourful and yummy. It would be just too easy to say she's influenced by alt-pop-culture, but I think it's more likely she's just playing around with it and she's got the courage to do it well.

Emily King - 'Distance'

Emily King has been making a name for herself for some time now, shaking off that 'former Clive Davis signee' tag she'd been assigned with for so long. Up for some R&B mixed with folk? Emily King's got you on that one! She's also got a few wise thoughts to share, along with her lovely voice - so if you ever had doubts, think again.

Gallant - 'Forfeit'

Felix Snow has put his hands on some great projects so far (like SZA), and here's another one with Los Angeles' very own Gallant. It would be an understatement to say I love him. I mean, "feed me your sorrows"? It sounds like the ultimate love affair, bolstered by the echo of Gallant's soul-piercing falsetto.

James Hersey - 'Don't Say Maybe'

Don't know if this is his real name or a moniker for this singer and songwriter from Vienna, Austria, but he's sharing some life wisdom in a form of melodic electro pop song, 'Don't Say Maybe'. Lovely.

Jon Waltz - 'Bang (Left My Home)'

I'd hate it if you somehow skipped this song without giving it your full attention. Young Jon has one of the sexiest baritones we've heard in quite some time, which suddenly transforms into a velvet-coated falsetto hitting the high notes. He knows how to make the ultimate R&B track. "Left my home with a dream and a cigarette" - admit it - you feel like that at least once a week.

Kwamie Liv - '5 am'

Who the f*ck is Kwamie Liv? Not Jhene Aiko, not BANKS, not Björk, but she is Kwamie Liv, or at least she's going for it, and I'm all up for this! Apparently, she's from Denmark and she's keeping things on the downlow for now, but this needs to be spread far and wide. '5 am' is mellow, comforting and ever so slightly anxious.

Shivum Sharma - 'Only You'

Think dark, think experimental, think warm, think Shivum Sharma. He might be compared to the likes of James Blake, but he does have something of his own, which Kwes helped demonstrate on 'Only You'. Hopefully we'll get the full glow of his talents on his forthcoming debut EP, Flicker, which is out March 3rd via National Anthem.

Sundra Karma - 'Cold Heaven'

This four-piece band from Reading are bringing you a cold front, which will oddly warm your heart. Sundara Karma are all about dreamy, guitar, synth and cocktail-driven trop-pop. From the titles of their songs, you'd almost think they are making music about seasons of the year. If you're up for seeing them live, go to The Great Escape this year!

Rubee Rayne - 'Breathe'

'Let insecurities show' is what this young Berkshire lady is going for and I have to say, she's taking me with her. She's already got the attention of the blogosphere plus BBC Radio One, which doesn't come as a surprise at all - she captures your attention with her edgy look, taking it to another level with her unique, soulful and soothing voice. R&B should sound like this.

Whyte Fang - 'Heart'

Do these drums feel a bit ceremonial? I guess you would expect something as dramatic as this coming from a musician as mysterious as Fang - cello player, plus a DJ. Whyte Fang knows what to do to make your heart beat faster. I'm always down for some dark-pop from Sydney!