Are you poisoned? Do you like 80s/dance? Elegant and bossy? Vintage yet fresh R&B? Sound experimentation, point-making piano lines and zombie feels? Check out this list of tracks you should be playing right now.

Hawkon - 'Burn Me Down'

London based Hawkon is mysterious like his music. The only thing we really know is that he's originally from Norway, which explains why his R&B is so chill - with a whiff of darkness and some pop. Could this be called elegant R&B?. Can't wait for Hawkon's EP this spring!

Howl Prince - 'Chemistry (prod. Daniel Morrison)'

We don't know much about Howl Prince. His Soundcloud says he goes by the name of Howl Higgins and he's from Melbourne, Australia. It's so unusual to find someone as talented as this young Prince, yet still fairly undiscovered, but his Twitter screams 'find me' and I'm glad I did. Still sounds like he's in that early phase of experimentation, but there's some serious talent here, so give 'Chemistry' a listen.

Jesse Boykins III - 'Doing It Wrong'

What more is there to say about sir Jesse Boykins III? I met him at Terraneo festival last summer in Croatia when he played the RBMA stage and it was one of the best performances I've seen in quite some time. It's just his voice and his interpretation; he's such a unique artist, plus an eye candy. Jesse's definitely not doing anything wrong. I'm captivated by his sound, and he's managed to do what others usually fail at: turning a Drake song into his own. Let's give this track more plays!

Kris Mars - 'Meant To Be'

Okay, Kirs Mars is one of those artists you'll discover and then spend an eternity waiting for them to drop something new, only to realize they've changed their name (K.Briggs) - keeping it a bit on the down-low. He's pretty tricky to keep up with, but I really hope this young LA-based artist releases another project because his Travaler EP and Cure Orbit mixtape have proven he's got something good going on. It's so thrilling to come across an artist with their own sound, full of honesty and not one bit premeditated. Bring that 80s/dance R&B sound on! So vintage, yet so fresh.

Lionchief - 'Good Poison'

Lionchief, aka Will Haynes, sure knows how to bring us a slice of future with his music. To prove that point, does the voice sample at the start of 'Good Poison' remind you of anything? Beyonce's 'Jealous' maybe, but in a bit more subtle? [Note - it dropped six months ago.] That's what I love about this track - forward thinking, yet so easy, chill and melodic. Poisoned! "I was out of my mind/To think that I could stay away from you." So true.

Moongai - 'Zombie'

You'll be so glad you took the time listen, even if you don't understand a word of French (you can easily find the lyrics). This song will calm you down, yet make you feel so uneasy, which weirdly (again) feels so good. They sing about fear, nights, melancholy, regrets and farewells - wrapping it up with a dark melody, giving the track a perfect twist at the end. A true zombie song and French electro pop at its best. "You are not destined to hide" is my favourite line from the song.

OFEI - 'Tomorrow'

OFEI is something else; a poet who sings, and a live performer who is definitely about his own style (which he creates combining his unique soulful voice, gospel-like singing, point-making piano and auto-tune) - yet he still manages to sound completely authentic. Now, that's not easy to pull-off. OFEI dropped his London EP in December and you should definitely take a listen if you slept on it during holidays, eating too much cake.

Polly A - 'Pick Your Poison'

Real name Meleni Smith, this New Yorker seems very cool and easy-going, and maybe even a secret in the making? Meleni worked with J. Cole on his track 'Crooked Smile' and has written songs for the likes of Kat Dahlia, but now seems to be taking things into her own hands too. New York has once again proved it's a city of incredible artists.

Rochelle Jordan - 'Follow Me'

Rochelle's been around for some time now, paving her way as one of the most upstanding R&B songstresses in the game - and I loved (with a capital L) her Pressure LP - but this girl is now showing there's so much more to come. She appeared as a co-writer and vocalist on Childish Gambino's 'Telegraph Ave.', found on his album Because The Internet', and was featured on Red Bull Music Academy's HASHTAG series. Now, 'Follow Me' is for every Queen, and for every man out there who knows how to treat his Queen. Rojo sure knows how to set things straight and in such a lovely way that you won't ever notice she's bossy; her velvet voice won't let you. But we love bossy, and we love KLSH's production. Rock on.

The Derevolutions - 'Pascualita'

Now, this track is totally different than the rest of the list, but so addictive. The Derevolutions come from Boston and sound weirdly good - mixing indie, sampled vocals and hip-hop. I'm confused, but in a good way. The track's title really says a lot. Hey Pascualita!