Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be checking out this week. From Emerson to L3MON, she has you covered.

Emerson Jay - 'Feelz You'

Following his debut EP in January, Emerson Jay is back, bringing new tastes with 'Feelz You'. He's pretty good at creating subtle, stunning and simplified compositions perfect for chilled-out parties in your backyard, with Emerson Jay singing his heart out in the background as you watch the sunset.

Esse - 'Deep Heart'

With hardly any information to be found on this new, London-based artist, we're left with just his debut track to focus on, and it's delish. The dark, soulful vocals and minimalist beats lead to an effective twist at the end, building the excitement and emotions as Esse takes 'Deep Heart' to an emotional peak.

IM DUN - 'Had You Both'

Swedish duo, Joakim and Alfred, are all about playful, indie-electro-jungle infused beats - creating a disco feel all over again and singing what some people would like to scream from the rooftops: "I came to see just what I had to do (...), I had you both and I was happy too." With their second EP Home out now, they're proving their mojo is still here.

JATA - 'Dearlover'

Berlin is known for being an electronic music mecca, but if you add some R&B flavours into the pot you'll have an idea of what JATA's music is all about. The German's debut track builds upon a sample of Todd Rundgren's 'A Treatise On Cosmic Fire: Intro - Prana' - resulting in a glitchy, fat R&B beat with JATA's sugar coated vocals layered on top. The production reminds me of Mister Bibal's style back in 2011 and it's oh so nice.

L3MON - 'One More Time'

This Toronto popstress is all about provocative, inviting and equally sexual visuals, like the one she offered for her debut track 'One More Time'. Her vocals are polished, yet her emotions create a heavy-breather of a track. Another inspiring artist to emerge from the prolific Toronto music scene. Can't wait to hear more from L3MON. Stay tuned to see if this is really her in the video.

Shunkan - 'Wash You Away'

Shunkan, aka Marina Sakimoto, is going to win you over with her lo-fi bedroom magic - making pop sound edgy, foggy, warm and bouncy. Her debut EP Honey, Milk and Blood is on the way, and yes it's going to be released on cassette, limited to 50.

TĀLĀ – 'Serbia'

One of the best feelings is discovering a new act that manages to connect their cultural heritage with the musical direction in which it moves - creating new feelings and sounds. TĀLĀ is a new name on the London music scene - a producer, composer and singer of Iranian origin. Following her work with T. Williams last year, TĀLĀ is back with 'The Dutchess', and an absolute winner - 'Serbia', bringing the dark-soaked sounds of summer, vocal samples and subtle melodies that float in the distance. Exciting.

The Loft - 'Rain'

It feels so good to see a band doing their thing, and keeping true to their sound. The Miami-based duo have already made my heart cry with 'Realize'/'Satisfy' from their debut album Anxxxious (A.S.O.V.), and they've got me again with 'Rain'. Shout out to the 405's Larry Day for reminding me about these two. Lovely!

Beatrice Eli - 'Girls'

This Stockholm pop kiddo is into dark, '80s filtered pop tracks with a dash of industrial sounds. She wants the ladies and she sure speaks her heart about it. This track could make even bad boys giggle like Jay in that interview back in 1997.

Cozz - 'Dreams'

Notorious B.I.G. one said "It was all a dream", and 20 years later his words are still providing goosebumps to kids hearing his music for the first time. Putting your dreams out there takes courage and determination, and despite a lot of kids doing it, only a few can take it to the next level. Here we are, in 2014, and this new kid Cozz from Inglewood, California gives me the chills as I replay 'Dreams' over and over again. I'm not comparing, but...