Tamara Saul presents 10 new artists you should be listening to this week.

Chela - 'Zero'

As you might have already picked up, I'm a sucker for neon coloured lights. Feel free to add smoke machines and lasers accompanied by embarrassing dance moves and guitar solos and you've got me. If you know how to pull it off, that is, and Australian pop artist Chela is right on the spot with her track 'Zero'. She is the new face of awkward glam pop and she's forging her own path. I love it.

Hugo - 'Loverboy'

My friend Dina put me on Hugo's music and I was thrilled hearing a such a great debut. By naming his first EP I Am Not Hugo, he really wants to state that 'Hugo is the reflection of the desired present. The person you want to be. The inner self that is too scared to come to the surface.' This Swiss singer/producer is an enigma to us, but is already creating his own sound, with "we come together through music, through fashion and through the magical world of art," as the main motto. Hugo is on a mission here, in so many ways, and 'Loverboy' sounds like a new loverboys hymn! He had me on the first drop of that beat.

Huntar - 'Expectations'

When it comes to dark R&B from London, you know it's going to leave your heart in pain and that's what Huntar, a 21-year-young South Londoner, has done with 'Expectations'. This track is so raw - bursting with honesty. Huntar's vocal samples create the beat, making me feel anxious (which is good here) - with the electro-charged end giving me a rush. Look out for Huntar!

Kaleem Taylor - 'Love Me Back'

Velvet-coated vocals wrapped up in a fat, glitchy beat are just what I can't get enough of. This West Londoner might have won you over with his smooth R&B vocals and vibe on Tchamis' track 'Promesses', but 'Love Me Back' comes as a better taste of Kaleem's personality and the path he's on. Kaleem is busy preparing his debut album and he's also got the likes of Bondax, Davince and Ins on the job.

Nimmo and the Gauntletts

This dropped two months ago and I just couldn't shake it off - so with the video here, it just had to be shared. Another 80s-meets-R&B/pop track, but presented in a new way. Following their debut single 'Change', which intrigued Agyness Deyn enough to direct the accompanying video, and 'Others' as a confirmation they're not going anywhere, London based duo Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett follow up with 'Jaded'. Their sound is organic, simple and features stories you can relate to. There must've been a moment in your life when you wondered, "do you think about the others when you're alone with me?"

Paris Carney - 'Astronaut'

"It's funny how you have me figured out when I don't even know myself, oh no, you don't know me at all." This Los Angeles based artist is as wonderful as her name and brutally honest. After 'It's Always The Quiet Ones', she follows it up with the chilled catchiness of 'Astronaut'. She describes her music as "if Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell had a baby raised by Andre 3000 + a laptop," and I can't wait for more. Show us what your laptop is hiding, Paris.

Sabina Ddumba - 'Scarred For Life'

Pop is about drama, bittersweet theatrical gestures and big choruses, and this Stockholm darling gets it. "Cuts are getting deeper, you really f*cked me up this time" - says enough about the human nature of going back to what we know is wrong for us, just to realize we should 'give it up'. Ddumba is a star in the making - let's see what she can do.

Shield Patterns - 'Dust Hung Heavy'

Shield Patterns are Claire Betnall and Richard Knox, bringing us their own take on alternative, dark electro-pop. It takes some sincerity and genuineness to make minimalism feel warm, building up picturesque landscapes on the way, but it seems to be this Manchester duo's specialty. With a tribal-like beat layered upon smooth piano lines and Claire's emotive vocals, Shield Patterns are keeping us on our toes. Can't wait to get my hands on their debut album, which is due out this June on Gizeh Records.

Tirzah - 'No Romance'

Repetition of beautiful samples create intense feelings and so does Tirzah with every new taste of what she's been up to. I fell in love with Tirzah the first time I heard 'Nothing' with Kwesachu, and 'I'm Not Dancing' was also really good, but now she's back with the catchiest sample of the year. Tirzah is back soon with her No Romance EP out on April 21st, via Greco-Roman and I'm very excited to hear it!

Tom Bem - 'Someone Else'

Tom Bem is a self-produced singer, songwriter and multi-intrumentalist from South East London, who also happens to sound like a male alt-pop Shakira. I was going crazy until I realized who he reminded me of, and my life has been much more chill ever since. Following his debut EP Pass It On, Tom's back with "a concept album of love, betrayal, hate, heartbreak, and forgiveness, chronically depicting the emotions through a break up." 'Someone Else' brings the guitar lead beat along with a synthy chorus, making the right balance for a catchy electro pop-track.