Tamara Saul presents 5 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Luke Pickett to Emmy Wildwood, she's got your back.

Luke Pickett - 'Loving You Is Wrong'

Co-produced by Benbrick, 'Loving You Is Wrong' is a track I'm struggling to let go of. The other half of the co-production team is the artist himself - a singer-songwriter from London who's already won a few hearts with his W.D.E.P. project (released earlier in the year). 'Loving You Is Wrong' is the second single to taken from his upcoming debut album and despite its mellow nature, it manages to sound huge. Could this be Pickett's breakthrough track?

Emmy Wildwood - 'Mean Love'

Emmy Wildwood represents ghost pop. She's driven by vintage drum machines and makes rock-infused, dream-pop anthems touching on relationships fuelled by dysfunction. Her somewhat awkward expression only co-exists to tell a story that will pull you into her world - which happens to be a dreamland where Karen O's sexual power and Cyndi Lauper's eccentric flair come together.

JAZ - 'Butterflies' (prod. KLSH)

With diva Rochelle Jordan already on the map, and youngster L3mon coming up, we've got another lady from Toronto looking to make it big. No comparisons though, as each artist has a style of their own (JAZ's being a mix of '80s soul, smooth '90s and double-tempo R&B). Taking influence from the new wave of UK soul, and with KLSH on production, she manages to create a whole new sound for herself.

F.O.X - 'Her Drug$' (Prod. TRG Logan)

'Her Drug$' is a brilliant debut track that represents a new sound taking shape in the UK right now. F.O.X (remember this name!) is part of Rubee Rayne's collective/brand Run From Lazers. They're trying to create that next level 'sound' for UK music, and 'Her Drug$' definitely goes a long way towards making that happen. I haven't heard a debut single as strong as this in a very long time, and I get through a lot of music these days.

Mylo Grey - 'Riptide'

Mylo Grey's style will take her far. I'd go far as to say that her version 'Riptide' is better than the original (Vance Joy). Maybe it's her playfulness and freshness, but she manages to give it a new dimension. This is the lead track from her self-titled EP, which is also backed by three original songs. It sounds like she has some room to grow, yet her direction is established. Now, polish it up, girl, or don't - we like it raw too.