This week's Told Ya! brings you hazy, misty, melancholic Alaskan pop, indie-folk from Croatia, indietronica from Brussels, some mellow R&B, strange original musician names, and some 'ssssh-shaake'ing. When was the last time you climbed a tree?

Lovely Quinces - 'Wrong House'

Ever heard about this indie-folk-rock songstress from Croatia? Well, if you haven't, let's change that. She is lovely, yet her music is raw and real. You can almost feel her pain on your skin as she notes, "I could swear my guts were turning upside down," and yes, the video is very much like the song: smokey, dark and psychedelic. 'Wrong House' is the lead single from her debut EP No Room For Us. Quite some buzz! Note: you can catch Lovely Quinces performing at SXSW 2014.

Moon Bounce - 'Shake'

Moon Bounce literally had me at 'SShh-sshhake'. Of course, things wouldn't have worked out for us if Corey Regensburg didn't take it to one of the best cross-genre tracks I've heard in a month - playing around with electro, pop, infusing 'classic R&B, hip-hop and even the rhythmic lurching of metal', mixing it all in a big lovely mess you'll sure want to get up from your desk and dance to. 'Shake' is the lead sing from his upcoming Dress Rehearsal EP, out Feb 25th via Gring Select. Oh and check the video teaser.

Oscar Key Sung - 'Holograms'

Following his attention stealing and more uptempo single, 'All I Could Do', Melbourne's Oscar Key Sung is back with a subtle, mellow R&B slow jam, 'Holograms' - the lead single from his self- titled debut EP, out March 3rd via Two Bright Lakes. 'Holograms' feels so smooth - turning me emo all over again.

Pigeon - 'Climbing Trees'

Ready to wake up? 'Climbing Trees' is the song for you then. Taking it slow to begin with, and playing successfully with the exchange of the softer and more powerful parts, the third single from PIGEON's second EP Settle In is a pretty great replacement for your morning coffee. Admit it, you love "waking up when the Sun goes down." Eclectic electro pop it is! Plus, when was the last time you climbed a tree?

Phebe Starr - 'Tonight'

After her Zero EP, and an acclaimed single 'Alone With You' paving the way to the new artist, Sydneyan Phebe Starr brought us something else to buzz about - her single 'Tonight'. She is 'influenced by Kraftwerk, Bjork, The Cure and the '90s' resulting in her "mash of organic sounds and electronic etherial pop." 'Tonight' is "about the freedom and the frustration of travelling, working at different times away from your loved ones." The first taste of Starr's upcoming EP (out later this year) is a real pleasure.

Raj - 'Let Me Love You'

He could be described as the new kid on the block of alternative R&B. He pays as much attention to his unique visuals than he does his music. The best way to describe this upcoming Californian would be through his own words: "2 pm. raining. kind of cold. absolutely beautiful. took the train in from charles de gaule airport. cab into my hotel. nap or no? probably not. im in paris. why would i nap? staying in st. germain. really quiet. going to go take a stroll... love u." Hey, we're ready for your love.

Shura - 'Touch'

Shura is one of those artists able to captivate your attention the moment you press play. She is a performer, producer, video editor and an artist. I guess that's what happens when one of your first memories is walking around Red Square - your mother being a Russian actress and your father an English documentary filmmaker. Sometimes the formation of synths, hip-hop beats and R&B vocals create a slice of essential atmospheric pop - which is definitely Shura's 'Touch'.

Toner - 'Losing Control'

Toner are Sophie and Tom, based in Brussels, Belgium, and they go for that indietronica sound which will make your day that little bit better. They bring us 'dreamy lullabies over warm basslines, and make dark, cold pop sound so emotional.

Yuko Nishiyama - 'Heart of Daisies'

'Heart of Daisies' has that organic and simple quality, yet sounds determined and style oriented - which many debut singles lack. Is this what happens when Tokyo and Melbourne come together? This is emotional, simple, dreamy and true - making me want more.

Avid Dancer - 'Stop Playing With My Heart'

Ready for some melancholic Alaskan pop? Jacob Dillan Summers is the name behind Avid Dancer, though we wouldn't bet on it. Does he remind you of a much realer, Alaskan male version of Lana Del Ray? (mmmm what a comparison). This is hazy, misty, classic and I love it. This L.A. based artist is destined to be big.