Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Anna of the North to Mari Marli, she's got your back. Let us know what you think about her selection in the comments section below.

Baby In Vain - 'Corny #1'

Denmark's Baby In Vain are a band from Copenhagen and for some reason the first bars of 'Corny #1' remind me of Phoebe singing 'Smelly Cat'. Well, the better, punk infused version of 'Smelly Cat'. I don't know if Baby In Vain will appreciate this compliment, but I love the track - it's messy, it's blurry, wild and it has character. I can't wait to see what their next move is.

JUCE - 'Call You Out'

Some nice old school '90s vibes right here. JUCE are Georgia, Chalin and Cherish from London and, as our friends over at Dummy found out, they describe their sound as "exploding disco balls with a rubbery pellet of funk." This is long overdue, but JUCE belong on Told Ya!, so here they are - bringing something very TLC-esque with them.

LANY - 'Walk Away'

Okay, except for the two tracks they've posted up on their SoundCloud, we know pretty much nothing about LANY (there is a tweet though of Paul Klein announcing he's in a band). Yes I'm stalky like that. Let's call it investigative. Smooth production mixed with simple yet cool '80s/90s vibes and relaxed harmonies result in a perfect pop/R&B band. Are they on a mission to bring us a fresh version of Phil Collins, or nah? Listen up.

Laura Wolfie - 'Luxuria'

One of the hottest up-and-coming young UK singers is back. Following her single 'Reflections', that put her firmly on the map of the new artists to watch, Wolfie is determined to show us the depths and peaks of her soul with the release of the 7DS EP. Yes - it's short for 7 Deadly Sins, with every track of the EP named after the latin for each of those sins. If 'Luxuria' is a sin, I have sinned and will sin again. It's a beautiful mix of genres - allowing Wolfie's voice to flow freely. From the falsetto peaks, to the emotional choral vocals, it's delicate and graceful, but in no way fragile.

Mari Marli - 'Drunk In Love' Cover

If you read Told Ya! weekly, you'll know I've never posted a cover before. Well, this one had me experiencing some pretty nice feelings, so here it is - Mari Marli's jazzy acoustic vision of Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love', mashing it up with 'Crazy In Love' and 'Dangerously In Love'. If you want to do it right, you have to go for all three. There's something about this cover that makes it stand out among others flooding the internet. It might be Mari's raspy yet honey smooth voice, or the simple yet unique way she decided to present her style. Can't wait for more from this London-based R&B songstress.

The Age of Luna - 'Indigo'

The Age of Luna are "just some young suburban cats, with unusual suburban skills." Meet Butch Arkas (MC/Production), 19, Kyote (Mc), 19, Danielle (Vocals), 19, and NK-OK (Production, Music) who is, wait for it - only 14 years old. They approach things with the determination of adults but with the sincerity of kids. The Age of Luna's debut track 'Indigo', taken from their upcoming EP, bring those warm, subtle, spring time vibes you're craving for. Have I mentioned I'm in love with Danielle's rain murmur smooth voice?

WORSHYPER - 'Got Your Back'

Following their debut album from last December, Philly trio KEEPS are back with' Got Your Back', the first single from their upcoming EP, Crucial Boy. They're like a combination of Miguel, James Blake, LIZ and chilled-out Robyn. They're also getting ready to release their full length album on vinyl. WORSHYPER are bringing indie electro-R&B, wrapping it up with their own kind of bubbling soft sounds.

Jeffrey De Soul - 'Time Ill Spent' x Kr$chn

I never tire of solid, slowed-down alt-R&B tracks featuring smooth vocals fighting for attention over a sick beat. If you manage to make me lose it on the 217 bus heading home - you're doing something right. This NYC/London singer has teamed up with Chicago's own Kr$chn for a slick slice of twisted R&B. Enjoy.

Chris Cartier - 'Half Dead'

Following 'The Flame' from back in November, NYC's Chris Cartier is back with 'Half Dead'. The 20-year-old Bronx native makes some bold statements over JWiz's beat sampling Imogen Heap's 'Headlock': '"I'm on the road to making mill-ions / I can fund…a tuition for ya newborn suckers." He's going to have to explain some things though, with his tape on the way (God Don't Like Ugly), as I'm not feeling especially pretty today. He's got what it takes.

Anna Of The North - 'Sway'

This feels like a slowed down disco track, with chills touching my spine courtesy of 'the North'. This is winter electro dream pop, from Scandinavia, of course, and Anna is the new hip queen around. With only one track previously uploaded to her SoundCloud, I guess she's out there cooking something hot and steamy in the northern coldness.