2013 was eclectic, melodic, dark and colourful and if those adjectives were music genres, I'd be happy to describe the following songs as such. One of the exact reasons for this list is that these tracks might be from contrasting genres, but they all have these qualities in common. So, here's a list of songs the radio folk should've been blasting more of last year.

Alaskan Knight - 'Cabin Fever'

Alaskan Knight is the solo project of Tim Commandeur. This might sound cheesy, but with perfect feels to 'Cabin Fever' (and visuals to go with it) Tim shows us that he really is an electro pop commande(u)r - being a multi-talented DIY musician, who played all instruments on the Cabin Fever EP. Okay, now, he is from Sydney and you can definitely sense that - somehow. Hearing 'Cabin Fever', you can sense the beach is not too far away and the nightlife is just waiting for you to arrive.

Ang Low - 'Can't Describe Her'

This Brooklyn-based artist takes us on a journey, proving simplicity can be colourful and imaginative. He caused quite a stir with his previous track 'Life Goes Down', but this one really does something for me. Maybe it's the lyrics, or the way he shows that combining R&B and electro can really come so naturally and easy, but this groove paired with his soulful voice really makes you want to lay your head on his shoulders and tell him about your day.

Barnaby - 'Fresh Made Lemonade'

Seriously, when I first heard 'Fresh Made Lemonade' I didn't know anything about Barnaby, but something made me keep an eye on him. With the freshest visuals for the song out, you know Barnaby is definitely here to stay, not just trying out. Maybe this is a female thing, but he really makes you want to sit in a tub with your clothes on. Colourful, smooth fresh and emotional; that's Barnaby's 'Fresh Made Lemonade'.

Debian Blak feat. Neo Joshua - 'Can't Get Enough'

Debian Blak is a UK producer (real name Rowan Perkins) that gained some attention with his Ellie Goulding remix, but this track is really something else. It's the perfect combination of Neo Joshua's soft, sultry, sugar coated vocals and Debian's playfulness in exploring 2-step, which nods to the past yet brings a dose of the future. Debian knows how to make Neo Joshua's voice flirt with percussion, creating a track your dance-floor-must-have.

Feliciana - 'Jackie Brown'

Feliciana is a young songstress from Netherlands, and part of the Dam Dutchess crew (represented by MC Melodee). Jackie Brown' is the alternative to your favourite pop/R&B song, which you've probably heard too much of. Feliciana is bringing something fresh yet so familiar, combined with some serious confidence. Remember, sometimes it's not about who did it first, but who did it right. Thinking about going to the street market right now.

Ian Isiah - Sweat (prod. by Brenmar)

Okay, everything Brenmar touches is gold, but listen to that voice. True, we've heard our dose of sexy songs today, but this one is welcome to join. Ian Isiah could be described as the alternative R&B's favourite newcomer and sweetheart, but when you hear this NYC artist, you know he means business. Trying to figure out if he's joking with "pop that juicy on me," makes you realize you don't really care because it's good either way, and what if he really is serious? Still takes you straight to where he wanted to.

MayaVanya - 'Run'

MayaVanya might be from Croatia, but they grew up in New Zealand, and this track seems like an awesome combination of both worlds. Fresh and easy melodies combined with bright colours and a unique sense of fashion seems to be working for these two, but we gotta give them more credit - these girls seem to be taking things into their own hands - doing everything from producing music, directing and styling their own videos. This is what makes them authentic.

Mirror Talk - 'Too Late To Start'

This quartet from Los Angeles decided to take us on a journey to prove synth pop sounds go great with R&B falsetto, making 80s new wave relevant again. As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't mind drinking some cocktails by the pool singing "I never listen to my heart, I never listen to my heart, I know it's never too late, never too late to start." Pop feels so edgy when Mirror Talk present it to you.

Mercedes - 'Full Tilt'

Mercedes was destined to make music from an early age - being raised in Christiania (the part of Copenhagen known for its squats, punks and liberal outlook on life). She is now working with everyone you know and love, and you should definitely be watching out for her because the way she transformed Salt 'n' Pepa's 'Push It' makes me think there's more to come.

Paloma Ford - 'Hit Of You'

Paloma Ford is a fresh face from Los Angeles, showcasing her switch-up side with 'Hit Of You' after releasing her single 'Menage A Trois'. Crazy, but I like this one a lot better - perhaps because she seems so honest and easy-going in this one. With BLVQTUXEDO on production and backing-vocals, it gives the story extra layers and such a good vibe that you'll want to make it last.