Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From UNKNWN to Benbrick, she's got your back. Let us know what you think about her selection in the comments section below.

Benbrick - 'And So She Runs'

"Talking hours about sh*t, but not talking about each other / Like it doesn't mean a thing, when it means everything." 'And So She Runs' is the second track to be lifted from Benbrick's upcoming debut EP Closer I Closure. It doesn't really sound new, but somehow Benbrick manages to blend familiar sounds to create new feelings.

Bklyn - 'Ashleigh'

Bklyn are a three-piece from the UK driven by art, pop and fashion. The indie-pop-rockers know that "all she wants is you" so they're not even trying to win you over. Instead they do their own thing and in a subtle way.

CUFT - 'Skin'

Raew Records' own CUFT, previously known as Booty Hunt, have dropped their Wineslow EP - which explores a new direction for the duo, bringing double-time R&B and even Jersey Club vibes. The Montreal duo had me at 'Skin' - an uptempo R&B flavoured track with warm vocals and crisp, piano-driven beats. Summer nights rooftop parties, here we come.

ELEL - '40 Watt'

This track created an instant rush of excitement in my brain. '40 Watt' is the Nashville eight-piece band's debut single and it's one hell of a starting point. With 'two horns, two drums, three keys, guitar, bass and whole lot of vocals' in the band, you might expect to drown in the sound - but what they bring is rich and colourful.

JayEllDee - 'Forever'

Besides music, JayEllDee also models; the girl is a hustler. Her industrial-poppy sound and distinctive style makes you want more. Following two demos, she was spotted by London's Sub Focus - subsequently featuring on his track 'Out Of Reach'. We're now living off 'Forever' in hope she'll be back soon.

Selasse - 'Man & Woman Rework'

After dropping his dirty rework of MNEK's 'Don't Call This Love', which he named 'Call It', the young UK producer is following up with a rework of Full Crate x Mar's 'Man & Woman'. Dirty R&B in abundance. Love!

Semi Precious - 'Shaky Skies'

Semi Precious is a sample-driven project, dealing with rebirth and reincarnation of songs. As he states himself, Baron creates sketchlike mini-tracks, characterized by distinctive vocal phrases and reflective atmosphere. Listen to 'Shaky Skies'.

Skyes - 'Burden'

Skyes are not 'A Girl Named Jake', as their debut track indicates. They are an act from New York City, who you most definitely shouldn't sleep on. Finding their way through the jungle of all of these up-and-coming pop acts, their self-titled debut EP brings soft pianos, angst-driven drums and bursting synths - creating a mysterious, holy-like experience.


With the double A-sided Devil/BBY on the way via Champion Sound, UNKNWN - aka Chris Hanna on production, and Dublin-born Gemma Dunleavy vocalizing the lovely lyrics - have just dropped a new track called 'BBY'. Devil/BBY is available as a limited edition (300) hand-stamped 140g blue vinyl.

Victor Taiwo - 'Paradise Island'

East London's Victor Taiwo knows how to make emotional, grief-powered music sound like the best choice for cocktails in a summer breeze. "Your mother's eyes are filled with grief (...) You ran too far from home, ain't been to a city like this, yeah this town will crush you if you let it." It sounds cruel, yet soothing. With major labels in sight, Taiwo somehow manages to stay real - combining '80s sounds with dark R&B in an effort to strip your soul.