This is somewhat of a mysterious and spontaneous selection. We have the tropical feels of Bel Heir, an English dessert from Banoffee, silky synths from E X R O Y A L E and post-apocalyptic pop from Fielded. These synth-pop-dark-dreamy-R&B tracks will help you through the day, but beware, there is some serious talent on this list, so be sure to keep an eye out for them in the future.

Bel Heir - 'Take You There'

Summer feels, beaches and neon colours are what this Philly quartet evoke with 'Take You There' and its artwork. Bel Heir feel as good as Tequila Sunrise feels at sundown or as good as a Bloody Mary feels in the morning (we all know what I'm talking about). Does it sound a bit off if I say 'Take You There' also sounds a bit like David Guetta, but the David Guetta you'd actually like to listen to? Yeah, I think that probably sounds a bit off, but Bel Heir are off and you're going to love it. Prepare for tropical feels!

Banoffee - 'Reign Down'

Banoffee is 'an English dessert' made by Martha Brown on keys, synths and vocals. I've never met someone from Melbourne wanting to be an English dessert, but I'm down with this; the more she sings, the more she draws me into her Scandinavian style pop. In her 'Reign Down' video she takes us out for a seemingly average day of grocery shopping and beauty salons, yet it's totally unexpected considering the description. With her debut EP on the way, I'm really looking forward to see what Banoffee comes up with!

Dd Elle - 'Kind 2 U'

Who is/are dd elle? Don't care, as long as the music is good as this is. Prepare for some sampled, beat-making voice cuts, easy-going beats and mellow singing, accompanied by a memorable piano melody. This song is like a summer ending breeze. There's only one other track by dd elle, by the perfect name of 'A Note'.

Elizabeth Rose - 'Sensibility'

This Sydney girl has been working hard (success didn't come to her overnight) - and it's finally paying off. This is the second (and yummier, may I note) taste of her recently dropped self-titled EP - following her well known single, 'The Good Life'. This electro-pop track is so melodic, yet has just the right dose of R&B flirtation and synths to make it classy. Haven't you heard about classy pop yet?

E X R O Y A L E - 'Give It Up'

E X R O Y A L E describe themselves as 'a glow in the dark game of truth or dare'. Yes, they've managed to make me want to crack their mysterious code, but then again, it makes it more interesting this way. Oh and have I mentioned they make great, simple and warm indie pop? You'll be singing along to "It's a fantasy, give it up to me" in no time. Add silky synths and electronic beats and you've got a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon sorted.

Fielded - 'City Of The Dazed'

Fielded is the moniker of NYC girl Lindsay Powell, who caused some stir with her full-length Ninety Thirty Thirty. She's now following that up with Universally Handsome, which includes 'City Of The Dazed'. She captures drama, pop synths, vulnerability and crazy artwork which I love, making her 'post-apocalyptic' pop feel so dreamy and captivating. I don't know the whereabouts of 'City Of The Dazed', but she certainly takes me there.

Glass - 'Bed'

Glass is the indie project of Chi city resident, sir Jordan Cohen. This might sound crazy, with 'Bed' being only the first taste of his debut EP Follies And Old Flames (dropping this month), but it really has something special to it. Cohen states 'Bed' "evokes a general feeling of discomfort, painting a picture of lying awake in the arms of someone you don't truly care about." It does feel like that - only pain sounds so good in this case. It takes off incredibly calm, but ends in such a confusing place; vocals overlapping and tension growing. You'll love to be there.

Matteu - 'Sanguine'

Synth-pop/R&B might be the sound of today, but it seems it came to Mattheu so naturally. It certainly makes for an impressive debut from this Manhattan-based artist. We all know this one, "this is the last time, just like the last time...", but it's really about the soulful way Mattheu sings it, along with the R&B-esque production that accompanies it. Stay prepped for Mattheu's debut EP, Virgin (coming soon).

Meg Mac - 'Every Lie'

Meg Mac is another Australian on today's selection and Melbourne's indie pop sweetheart. She makes classic pop that you won't be able to resist. Okay, so this is only her second single but it's crazy good, and I can't wait to hear what she's got planned next. Oh and what about those dark videos? Guess it's about making you believe what these songs are expressing, which we do.

Mizan. - 'Anxious'

I don't know what it is about me and dark R&B, we're just drawn together. Mizan is a New Yorker, but this sounds like old Memphis x Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' x Jhene Aiko. I'm such a sucker for this song. She says she makes the type of music that is self-declaratory, and I can believe that. 'Anxious' is the second single from her Dark Blue EP. Want to know a secret? "Pride is a luxury, you know."