Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Evy Jane to Lowly, she's got your back. Let us know what you think about her selection in the comments section below.

Elliot Moss - 'Slip'

This 20-year-old New Yorker keeps impressing us with his interpretation of what he labels 'alternative electronic' - the latest of which can be found in the infectiously minimal 'Slip'. He's displaying a different side to what we'd call a 'jazz-infused composition' - making dark synths sound elegant and effortless. However, it's his emotionally powered voice that is the real gem here.

Evy Jane - 'Closer'

The Vancouver duo are finally back! After releasing their debut EP back in 2012, they've kept it on the down-low, only to hit us with 'Closer 'a few days ago. A seemly taster of their forthcoming EP set to be released via Ninja Tune, 'Closer' brings a dose of Evelyn's unexpected, minimalistic R&B vocals shimmering on a membrane of calm water, struggling with restlessness beneath the surface, produced by Jeremiah Klein.

Lists - 'Veil'

Building tension with emotional choral vocals, a sampled intro, heart-melting violins, tapping pianos and percussion - this Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter has created a new place in my heart. Not many artists go there, yet Lists has somehow managed to pull it off with his alt pop/R&B-intensive and dazzling 'Veil'.

Lowly - 'Daydreamers'

When I first heard Lowly, I thought I was listening to an Australian band, but they're actually from Denmark. It doesn't really change a lot, except for putting their country on the map of the world's most optimistic places. Does that make any sense? Just listen.

Paces - 'Can't Touch Me' ft. Madeline Vida

Gold Coast's Mikey Perry (aka Paces from Perth) continues to wow us. Following his debut, the Julian EP, he's back with 'Can't Touch Me', featuring the sugary vocals of Madeline Vida (he's wanted to work with her for over a year). You can download most of his music for free on DIE HIGH Records, but not for much longer. He's true to his sound, pairing catchy vocals with a breath of Jersey Club and a Future Beats sound.

Royce Wood Junior - 'Beeline'

Royce Wood Junior is yet another enigmatic and talented musician from London. Jamie Woon's bandmate has already buzzed the internet with 'Nuff' back in February, then 'Hardly' with Rosie Lowe in March and now 'Beeline', creating a new adventure on the way. His music sounds like an edgy Pharrell, with a dash of James Blake's emotion. Royce Wood Jr's Tonight Matthew EP is out now. Make sure you check it out.

Step Rockets - 'Heart Attack Again'

Step Rockets are a 4-piece "Minneapolis indie rock band exploring psychedelia, modern hooks, worldly grooves and possibly the Moon." They're into "EDM, psychotropics and gongfu tea ceremonies," yet they sound like George Michael mixed with The Weeknd. They spent 4/20 together sipping on cocktails by the pool, and then drove off into the sunset with the top down on their Mustang convertible. We think.

The Flight - 'The Idol And The Idle'

The Flight are Joe Hensen and Alexis Smith, two producers from East London who make, well, hmmmm, indie folk-rock. That's a bit unusual for me, but with the vocals of Alana Stewart, it feels real smooth. Their second EP, The Sinner Inside, is out May 12th on Apologetic Records. "Let's focus on the way it feels."

Throwing Shade - 'Sweet Tooth'

I'm blown away by the dopeness of this young London producer's 'cosmic R&B' vibe. With the guest vocals from Emily Bee, she's evoking old feelings, fizzling with new sensibilities. Okay, 'digital soul' it is. Can't wait for her 19 Jewels EP, out May 19th on No Pain In Pop.

Frenship - 'Anya'

Frenship blend industrial sounds with slow electro pop vibes, emphasised by tribe-like chants; simple male vocals build the addictive melody, accenting the slow vibe to a point when grey becomes a colour, industrial becomes a feeling, and you're singing along: "all the other girls say, I wanna be Anya, I wanna be Anya." Though what I hear here is a bit different: "I wanna be on ya, wanna be on ya." Dirty mind. I'm in love. Watch out for Frenship!