Tamara Saul presents 5 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Billie Black to Lilac Pin, she's got your back.

DDm - 'Come Thru'

Baltimore, reportedly, has a crazy good scene growing in the area known as Station North. DDm's got it all. It's not just about the high-top, flattop, pulled-up sock thing, or his ability to spit, it's just about his way of bringing all these elements together without it sounding 'busy'. It's 'fun, eccentric and authentically Baltimore', yet I hear a bit of Missy Elliott here and I'm loving it. 'Come Thru' is the first track from DDm's Clearance project.

Billie Black - 'I Waited For You'

On 'I Waited For You', London's Billie Black presents a chilled-out diva, sipping a little wine in her divan. Her jazz influence is obvious, but when presented against an electronic production she really stands out. Even BRIT School thinks so. She's working with producers such as Imposters and John Calvert, and if this taste of 'I Waited For You' is just the beginning, who knows where she'll go in the future.

Lilac Pin - 'Easy'

Starting off uncomfortably, before progressing to a warm and emotive melody courtesy of a soft, yet slightly pitchy voice and piano exchange, 'Easy' is captivating throughout. "In a way, in a way I remember" is what sticks in your head after hearing this debut from the Glaswegian electro-pop duo.

Marc E Bassy - 'Cigarettes'

Relationships with cigarettes, for many people, is a love/hate thing - much like it is with romance, or music. That's exactly how the San Francisco-based artist Marc Griffin, aka Bassy, details the first taster from his forthcoming debut EP, Only the Poet. '"Cigarettes" is also about the way that when you truly love something like music there's always medicine to fill the void that comes with being a person. Music is there for me like cigarettes," he elaborates. It's about time he received his spot on Told Ya!.

Darkstars - 'Don't Turn The Lights On'

"City lights, darkest night, I walk these roads alone / Looking for a danger zone, can't deny." London's Darkstars seem to be taking that post-party vibe to a whole new sound level. They only got together this year, yet they've already dropped this bomb on Soundcloud - which takes that chill sound and fills it with some city lights to add vibrations. Big fan!