Tamara Saul presents 9 tracks you should be listening to this week. From Cosmonaut Grechko to Mirror Signal, she sure picked some beauties.

Cosmonaut Grechko - 'Tell Me'

Not so sure this feels as nostalgic as Grechko described on Soundcloud, but it does act as a pretty perfect soundtrack to a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon spent reminiscing about summer and swimming pool after-party vibes with one too many cocktails. A full-length should be out at some point this year. Look out.

Dromes - 'Kids In The City'

It seems that Dromes - the electronic production head of Saskatchewan & Case Work - loves M83, but he also manages to bring something of his own to the table. Simple, melodic synths, hip-hopish, even? He states he "made this dance beat while staying with friends in NYC and totally forgot about it until now," and we're glad he didn't. Dromes represents the sound of the city and it's delicious.

Ed Zealous - 'Diamonds For Eyes'

These guys sure know how to make electro pop. They invite us to "come get some" and I have to say, it's a pretty bold statement. Boldness is good, though, especially when you deliver a catchy chorus like Ed Zealous does on 'Diamonds For Eyes', which comes together as a showcase of the band's influences, yet feels so crisp.

Lockah - 'iI Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Wrong'

Lockah likes long project titles. He's also from Scotland and he loves cats. Sorry, I lied about cats. I don't know that. What I do know is that he makes me remember those long track titles. Get your dance moves ready as this is just a small taste of his forthcoming LP Yahoo or the Highway, dropping via Donky Pitch this April.

Mas Ysa - 'Why'

Thomas Arsenault from Woodstock stands behind this electro-rock-pop project named Mas Ysa. 'Why' reminds me of an electro-pop version of Fall Out Boy, with Thomas' crying-like-vocals taking me back to the Myspace-emo era, only this sounds much more sincere, grown-up, real? Can't wait for the Mas Ysa debut EP to drop via Downtown Records. Check out the video, which was directed by Arsenault and Natalia Leite.

Mirror Signal - 'Broken Soldier'

Mirror Signal is the moniker of Steven Barker from Suffolk, UK. He's into dark, dramatic videos and he's "got some things on his mind, to share." Maybe this isn't his most mature track yet (and who cares?), but it sounds so honest and simple that it had to be on this pick-out. Did I mention Gilles Peterson likes him? 'Nuff said.

Monsieur Nov - 'Trop Fraiche'

Believe me when I tell you, this is French nu-soul at its best. Monsieur Nov is fairly well known in France, but what about the rest of us? Here you go, set your heart to this smooth, smooth R&B voice, backed by some nice piano lines, oh and a pretty great video too. Let us know what you think. Oh, and you're welcome.

Salt Cathedral - 'Rainy Days'

Formerly known as Il Abanico, this Brooklyn-based five-piece released a self-titled EP in 2013, and 'Rainy Days' represents the B-side. Juliana Ronderos' soft vocal samples make for a pretty warm introduction to the song, and I guarantee you will be emotionally attached even after the song is over. Salt Cathedral describe their music as alternative pop, and I love that it feels so organic. Looking at their Soundcloud, they love artists like Ta-Ku, Four Tet and Cashmere Cat and it's so nice to hear that in their music, yet it doesn't sound like a carbon copy. Nice work.

Spirit Tramp - 'Nightmares'

This is a track from the Ghost Wave EP by an artist who calls himself Spirit Tramp. He's JT Bringardner from Athens, Georgia, but he's also part of a collective called Spirit Cat with some other cool cats. He makes some of the finest pop we've heard in quite some time. There's only uphill for Spirit Tramp from now on.