Tamara Saul presents 10 new artists you should be listening to this week.

KLO. - 'Make Me Wonder'

KLO. are a brand new duo from Melbourne, once again proving that Australia is the go-to place for exciting new music. We don't know much about this one, except that Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam are cousins, but their production speaks loud enough. Chloe's velvety vocals sung softly over the thoughtfully produced soft synth beat is as welcomed as a summer breeze.

Niia - 'Simple Life'

I don't know why, but listening to Niia just soothes my soul. This New York sweetheart looks like a model and is definitely a superwoman (she's a singer, songwriter, pianist, award winning musician). I guess that's just what New York will bring out in you. She's been introduced to the music world like a superstar in the making and we're excited to see where she's headed .

Raheem Bakaré - 'Portrait of Love'

Organic R&B is the description that comes to my mind listening to Raheem. It's effortlessly warm, inviting, comforting and real. There's just something about a sultry male voice singing about 'Portrait of Love' that gets me. Subtle synths, harmonies that touch your soul, and Raheem's falsetto in all the right places bring out the most beautiful and most painful things about love, and baby you got me. This London newcomer is dropping his debut EP soon so keep an eye on the internetz because he'll be flooding your timelines.

Tara Carosielli - 'Sanity'

Following 'Disco Lights' and 'The Opposite Game', Tara is back with 'Sanity'. The tumblr inspired gif video combines effortlessly with her sweet vocals and the simple, swirling beat. Produced by Knightstar, it's just the liquid you need to star your day. This London based star is only just starting out, but we suggest you keep your eyes on this hummingbird.

Juice - 'Sugar'

Guitar music is dead? This Birmingham three-piece band sounds like a panic attack gone right, and it's yummy. Bold guitars, swirling basslines, sugar coated lyrics and kaleidoscopic videos are just what you need in order to be the next big thing. It works for Juice.

Thomston - 'Midas'

Thomston is "waiting for his expiry date" and I'm hoping it's not too soon. This New Zealander is all about organic drum sounds, smooth synths, realness-dropping lyrics and simple vocals - making alternative pop sound catchy, yet emotional. Thomston's pop is what you've been waiting for, especially if you're up for some realness instead of pink filtered lyrics and clichéd phrases. His School Night EP brings all the perfect sounds for 'pink sky watching' nights, and you better take notice!

Vladimir - 'Born Slippy'

Vladimir are a four-piece band from Scotland. Yes they're 18 and yes they have that voice but that echo post-70s punk sound is spot on. Melancholic yet bold, Vladimir bring back that old sound without trying to make it feel new. It's refreshing to hear guitar music is still thriving.

Caitlyn Scarlett - 'Bad Love'

"You can't separate what you need and what you want." Music is about creating feelings, and we love it if we can relate to the lyrics, atmosphere, melodies, sounds or message. This 18-year-old UK native has got what it takes, and then some. Realness and her own cross-genre sound are Caitlyn's stronger qualities. 'Bad Love' is dubby, jazzy and wonderful. She started out singing backing vocals for Little Simz, but now it's time for Scarlett to make her own waves.

Arum Rae - '2001'

Arum Rae Valkonen aka, Arum Rae, uses filtered vocals and industrial pop beats almost as a statement-like signature to accent the grief for long lost love. Add some re-invented rock and resurrected soul to it, along with crisp vocals singing "There's no hope for myself trying to be a good pearl, tried to walk the line and see the light, but as the sun sets, the lonelier I get," and here's a new track to put on repeat - breaking your heart over and over again. She learned her craft as a Berklee College of Music attendee, but she decided to take on her real name after dropping her 'White Dress' moniker. Make sure you listen to her debut project, the Warranted Queen EP, when it comes out on April 22nd.

21 - 'The Pink Bride'

Nothing comes as easy as presenting the last act of the week. It already feels like you're floating, especially if you showcase an artist that makes you feel the same way. I don't know much about 21, except that he's unlike most rappers out there right now and that he's making me feel all emo and girlie. With the nice, soft Willow Smith voice singing the chorus (taken from her 'Summer Fling'), 21's familiar feel like voice spitting all the right words, and with Ta-Ku's atmospheric beat in support, this track brings back the times when rappers had girls on choruses instead of taking the mic themselves (don't get me wrong though, I love Drake). "Love me now or love me never" almost sounds like an ultimatum to get your attention, so please go on and take a listen.