Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Billy Fox to The Wild Curve, she's got your back.

Billy Fox - 'Mystery'

Following his debut single, 'Monuments', Billy Fox is preparing to release a new mini-album later this year - and what a better way to build the hype than by releasing a captivating electro R&B track full of intense feelings? That's what he does best - creating feelings and sounds, only to take them to the peak of their existence; layering hip-hop beats, James Blake-esque turning points, double kicks, snares and R&B. More please!

Doprah - 'Love What I Need'

Steven John Marr and Indira Force (what a name!) form trip-hop electro duo Doprah. These New Zealanders think of themselves as "a sinister and evil cult which lures young people into drug-taking" and with Indira's child-like voice combined with the bumping synths and percussion, it makes a lot of sense.

Imprintafter - 'This Time'

Los Angeles almost never lets us down, and this time around it's all about the warm and fuzzy sounds of producer Imprintafter (aka Beck Avila), who makes subtle music with 'cocktail soundtrack' written all over it. The track is taken off an upcoming EP titled Lost Love (out June 24th).

Hey Elbow - 'Blanca'

When a song starts off by bringing anxious, horror vibes, you'll always have my attention. Hey Elbow create honest tension that cuts through the air and retracts in every lonesome part of your soul. Debut single? Yes it is! We can't wait for more tension like this.

Kline - 'Anything Can Happen'

Kastle's rising label, Symbols Recordings, is getting ready to release Parables Vol. 2 (the follow up to 2013's amazing Parables Vol. 1) on June 10th, and to get the Internet buzzing they're releasing the lead track by Canadian producer Kline featuring Oshea Adams (whose voice I'm in love with). It's a sensual seduction of falsettos and bass flirting. "You are the master of this dungeon, but you're ruling it like it's nothing."

Liu Bei - 'Infatuation'

Unless you has prior knowledge of its release date, it would be difficult judging what period 'Infatuation' is from - and maybe that's why I'm so drawn Liu Bei? The band are signed to Paradyse records and named after "a Chinese warlord who was known as an amazing strategist and a really caring, benevolent leader." 'Infatuation' explains so easily how "dedication and unconditional love can so quickly turn into something dark and sharp toothed, an aggressive obsession."

Morning Ritual - 'So Cold'

Portland's Morning Ritual sound like indie, folklore inspired R&B. It's as if TLC grew up in a different environment, met some boys who played guitar and went to the countryside to make some catchy tunes R&B (creating their own style on the way!). Hit play!

Nao - 'Back Porch'

'Back Porch' reminds me of when Neo Joshua featured on Debian Blak's 2013 buzzer - and Told Ya! featured track - 'Can't Get Enough'. Maybe because it is her? (As I find out, doing a little research). Well, I've never featured the same artist twice before, but new beginnings deserve this. Nao brings her own refined style, confidence and the start of something pretty special. 'Back Porch' combines dark, industrial R&B sounds with soulful vocals. London represent!

The Wild Curve - 'Warriors'

If you asked me where The Wild Curve are fro,, I'd go with somewhere warm and sunny, where palm trees swing in the summer breeze. But hey, it's Glasgow baby and synth pop has a way of taking on different forms!

1ers feat. Thurmon Green - 'Dancing Away'

Following his singles 'The Grind' and 'Breezylife', Thurman Green is back - featuring on 1ers' track 'Dancing Away'. It's the ultimate collection of sun-infused feelings captured via R&B beats, player lyrics, sensual vocals and Green's heavenly harmonies. This NYC singer really is quite special. "I'm not trying to catch any feelings, no / It's ben a long time coming, can't you see / You're not coming home with me."