Tamara Saul presents 5 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Emily Reo to Matt Woods, she's got your back.

Wonderful Humans - 'I Never Knew'

Many bands these days aim to be mysterious in an attempt to keep the focus on their music, but the thing is, the second nameless and faceless bands release music people will go out of their way to find out who's behind it. Does it have anything to do with HAERTS? Wet? Who is it?! Sometimes mystery is good, so let's leave it there. 'I Never Knew' is a nice blend of '80s inspired beats, a bold female voice and a beautiful melody that falls apart, only to be built back up again.

Tor Miller - 'Go'

Brooklyn's got a new truth wandering the streets and buzzing the Internet, and he goes by the name of Tor Miller. A raw voice hits the high notes as they cut the tension in the air - driven by the simple piano melody that emphasises the moment. "I should go and find my way home, I need a bit of something to call my own." After 'Hold The Phone' and 'Headlights', 'Go' is the perfect showcase of Miller's soul.

1/2 - 'Statues'

Yes, he goes by the moniker of 1/2, and yes he releases his music via his own label called 0.5. I don't know the history behind it all, but what I do know is that I didn't have to go through Soundcloud for hours to find him as I first heard 1/2 (aka Ivan Antunovic) during his soundcheck at Dan D's 'design day' party in Zagreb. Joy Division's influence is all over this one (with a dash of 1/2's own unique flavour, of course). Fantastic.

Matt Woods - 'Give Yourself Away'

As he said himself - there's a thin line between eagerness and impatience. Matt Woods, a former choirboy, is currently balancing on that line like a tightrope. What most artists struggle with is the eagerness to put themselves out there, and the patience to create their own style, which is the game Matt's currently winning. 'Give Yourself Away' is soulful, dark and 100% honest. "If it feels right, then it feels right, no matter what they say" - so simple and true.

Emily Reo - 'Rainbow Road'

It's rare for artists to successfully translate their story from music to visuals, but Emily Reo succeeds beautifully. 'Rainbow Road' brings dreamy and colourful scenes, which blend in perfectly with the swirling, mellow music. The LA based artist manages to make it vibrant and restless (even spine-chilling) through bright colours and child-like play. Maybe that's the thing - it evokes old feelings that aren't quite there. Wonderful.