Tamara Saul brings you your weekly dose of music awesomeness, helping you discover you new favourite artist.

Tiombe Lockhart - 'Gone'

You can be whatever you want to be. Bare-skin soulful diva? Yes, that's about right, go ahead. So take a deep breath and dive in - former Cubic Zirconia member, Brooklyn songstress Tiombe has dropped a self-directed video for 'Gone', her new synth-soul track which exposes the way she sees heartbreak "through five different female archetypes", in a vacant strip joint, blue-water-built-in-pools environment. Which roles have you played in your life?

DWNTWN - 'Til Tomorrow'

'But it's too late to change my ways' is what you know today, when you're putting work off 'til tomorrow'. If DWNTWN's new EP (out this April) is anything like 'Til Tomorrow', then prepare for a lot of sunshine and dreamy pop, flirting with guitars and live drums. I guess songs like 'Til Tomorrow' happen oh so naturally when you're housesitting a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, "feeling stuck in the same stale routine while others around you get to live in mansions." Good thing you brought a microphone and a computer with you that day, guys!

FTSE - 'Nite Life' ft. Femme

Weird yet so good. Pop yet so alt. Dark yet so light. That's how I'd describe this track. For his third EP Love Un Ltd - out this April on Lucky Number - talented British producer and chanteur FTSE is back with yet another collabo under his belt: 'Nite Life' featuring Femme. 'Empty people stumbling through the night' seems to be a great inspiration for alt musicians worldwide, but the wonderful thing about all these musicians singing about similar subjects is the variety of feelings and sounds being transmitted. 'Nite Life' offers to be your new favourite afterparty jam.

Little Simz & Waldo - 'Mandarin Oranges' (prod. Sango)

Okay, this is long overdue. I've been meaning to feature Little Simz on Told Ya! for quite some time as she's taken me over with her rhymes, her production, her accent and her thoughts - and here comes the perfect track with yet another talented flowist, Michigan's Waldo. Yes, it's good to have the whole package but it's her raw talent that really keeps me on her side. This is what I really want to be listening to on the radio, not only Soulection (as much as I love them). Plus, let's not forget Sango - one of my favourite producers - who produced this nostalgic yet playful beat. Here's your shining spot girl! We'll be hearing a lot more from this North Londoner. Take over, Simz!

Mar - 'Ode To Her'

2014 is being good to Mar. The Amsterdam based singer previously took our breath away with 'Man x Woman', a collaboration with Full Crate, making you realize they're as hopelessly romantic as the sweet sounding vocals layered on that 4x4 house beat. After taking on the dancefloor, Mar takes it to the bedroom to tell you "I know everything about you," with harmonies that will send chills down your spine. 'Ode To Her' is a track from Mar's slowed down two-taster EP Form, and I can't wait to hear more from the Dam chill R&B sweetheart.

Minute Taker - 'Skeleton Dance'

Industrial, heavy drums, blurry vocals, creepy atmosphere, all accompanied by church-esque-feel chords is what this track brings. I love it when things get 'weird' and this feels as weird as... Cradle of Filth deciding to leave the cradle behind to take on indie pop. Minute Taker is the moniker of Manchester based Ben McGarvey. Described as 'digi-folk', he combines glitch elements with dark, industrial, lo-fi synths, making it his own.

Phlo Finister - 'Hotel Miami'

I hope this Californian singer based in London is keeping it quiet because she's working on new stuff in a lonesome studio somewhere. Let us know, Phlo, okay??

Starsmith - 'Be My Love' ft. Tawiah

When you're working hard on other artists' projects, you'll often end up keeping it on the downlow when it comes to your own material. Then again, it's great to keep it on the downlow and make a 'boom' comeback. If you're curious, ask Fin Dow-Smith how to pull if off, because this Londoner knows. Having worked with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Charli XCX, Ella Eyre and Sasha Keable, he's decided to take a spin and go with Tawiah for his synth jelly infused comeback song. Meow.

Waylayers - 'Medicine'

After their Fault Lines EP, dropped last summer, Waylayers are back with 'Medicine', which feels like R&B made in the '80s but brought back (or ahead) to us in 2014. It has a raw feel to it, which, when done nicely, gives you that much needed feeling of realness, especially when it comes to pop; often hated on (groundlessly?) for being cheeky. If you're lucky enough, you can check this English synth-pop trio at SXSW.

Visionist - 'More Pain'

This may come as a surprise on this list. But I can't hide it - Visionist just makes me cry. Guess that's Louis' goal too, but I'll forgive him. I met him last summer, and strangely enough, we checked out David Guetta together. That may come as a surprise, but what we can hear in Visionist's music is pain and a lot of musical knowledge, yet they come together unpretentiously and naturally to create his own, unique style. I guess it's good to be open to learning. Oh I didn't label this? That's okay, I don't even feel the need to label Visionist.