Tamara Saul presents 10 new tracks you should be listening to this week. From Claudia Kane to Count Counsellor, she's got your back.

Count Counsellor - 'Warm Bullet'

Count Counsellor are a collective of songwriters, producers and vocalists who make music from their studio in South London. They create soul-fuelled electronic sounds via a combination of captivating vocals, downtempo beats, twinkly rhythms and woozy, anthemic melodies. Their sound sits somewhere between the crop of distinctive UK R&B, subtle pop and more straightforward hip-hop - yet they make me reminisce.

Dre Green - 'Guarded'

The Drum's Lo Motion record label is now home to Chicago's Dre Green and her forthcoming debut mixtape. It's R&B featuring smooth vocals and notes able to to cut through your heart like a razor. Dre's voice is like foam filling the voids of The Drum's anxiety-filled production. This is sensual R&B; numb but very emotional.

Hurt Everybody x Alex Wiley - 'Golden'

Chicago's buzzing right now. Supa Bwe, Carl and Mulatto Beatsare - the super trio known as Hurt Everybody - are bringing their experimental style to the spotlight. This time they've dropped a collaboration with another Chi-town rapper, Alex Wiley. It sounds fresh, crisp, old yet new. Some different feelings!

Laura Groves - 'Friday'

With only her 2013 Thinking About Thinking EP out, this London-based girl managed to catch the attention of Converse, who recently put her on the bill with the likes of Koreless and How To Dress Well. She's now back with a track described simply as a demo, yet it feels perfect. Can't wait for more.

Locke - 'We Are The Prey'

This mysterious New York producer has dropped a haunting electro track in 'We Are The Prey' - channeling Sade's vulnerability and Suicide's tension. Locke states: "I am hunger. Feed me truth. I am wanting to fight. To never play dead. Honestly, I desire danger. I desire the scary dreams. I dare to Be. I revel in hunting the hunters. Untrapped." I'll leave you with that, and this pink tiger biting a lion. Tension all over the place.

Milan - 'Lights Out'

Going by her SoundCloud name only (hernameismilan), Milan looks up to BANKS (hernameisbanks), yet when you listen to her music with Horrorshow on production, you'll notice this Sydney-based artist is very much unique. "I'm a conscious human being who is raw, real, evocative, deep and dark, and I tell it how I see it." Her dreamy atmospherics filled with dramatic drums and soft pianos are layered underneath Milan's soothing voice. Her debut EP, Glassy Eyes, deserves a listen.

Cardiknox - 'Black Wayfarers'

"Ever since I was a little girl I've been perfect on the surface. Now I cannot let them see me fall." Cardiknox has done it again. It's a sun-infused, melodic, iconic summer pool party jam featuring '80s inspired production. Put your Black Wayfarers on, it's gonna be alright.

Claudia Kane - 'Darling Is Not My Name'

Dark, dramatic power dance-pop is what Claudia brings to the table - taking it to the '60s with a song that could soundtrack a rainy day at beach in LA. Get to know Claudia Kane. She's great.

Daye Jack - 'Save My Soul'

I've gotta give Pigeons & Planes props for this. Daye Jack is a young artist from Atlanta who's slowly gaining recognition for being one of the most daring new musicians around when when it comes to experimentation. The young computer science student will save your soul!

EVVY - 'Haze'

EVVY presents a blurred blend of emotions on 'Haze'. It goes around a couple of times, leaving your crushed soul feeling like the vibes found at the end of the track: wishful, lonesome, screaming in the distance - yet no one can hear you. NYC vibes!