Today's selection is somewhat dramatic; '80s coloured, synth influenced - cold and warm at the same time. There's some indie pop from Poland, something big from Glasgow, some R&B influenced pop from Russia... have I got you hooked yet?

Ari Lennox Ft. Dj Grumble - 'Cold Outside'

This girl has an old heart and sound that feels so warm on a cold, rainy, windy night. Following her Ariography EP, this DC-based songstress continues to give us a taste of her soul, which is bold to say the least. It's cold outside, and she doesn't care if you have a girlfriend. Check it out!

Avay - 'Only U'

If you wanna do a Yuna refix, you better do it well. This 17-year-old producer seems to be aware of this predicament, representing Russia in its best colours. Avay is keeping things on the down-low, but I hope a lot more people will get to hear this.

Client Liaison - 'Free Of Fear'

If you ask Australia's Client Liaison, the '80s is very much still in fashion. After their breakout tune, 'Feeling', the Melbourne duo are back with another ace. They've created a lot of buzz with their style, which is very much in touch with the decade everyone keeps reminding us about. Wonderful.

Jordan Bratton - 'Danger 3'

I first heard Jordan Bratton on Jamilla Walters' Future Bounce show and it stopped me in my tracks. I'm totally in love with this young voice. Synth driven R&B is what seems to suit Bratton the best. This 18-year-old's debut project, The Grey Area, brings you plenty of 'must hear' music and not at all in the grey area.

Jordan F - 'Falling Like Diamonds (prod. Rromarin)'

I don't know what's up with Australia right now, but we have yet another great example of what they have to offer. Sydney based producer Jordan F has teamed up with Rromarin, one half of Melbourne duo Deja, resulting in this yummy collaboration. Jordan F mastered his craft dropping successful remixes, but probably figured it was time for an original. He describes his music as "'80s inspired synth music for the nostalgic thinking individual." I can't wait to hear his debut EP.

Tomasz Makowiecki - 'Holidays In Rome'

Okay, once you hear the lyrics to this song, you won't be able to get enough of it. "Now when you're gone, I forget to wash the dishes... / Now when you're gone, I forget to watch my favourite TV show..." Modern-day truths and a soundtrack to the ruins of your life after an ugly break-up. This is for anyone wondering what pop from Poland sounds like; there's a lot of synths, realistic lyrics and a melody you can't hide from. No need to go to Rome!

Prides - 'The Seeds You Sow'

Prides are a trio from Glasgow. They created a massive buzz last year with their single 'Out Of The Blue' and will follow it up with their debut EP on February 11th. Oh and I just wanted to let you know that they're going to dominate your favourite radio station in the near future. They also remixed one of my favourite newcomers, Barnaby. I'm all into this!

Salt Ashes - 'Little Dove'

Okay, we premiered this track, but let's hear it some more. Salt Ashes, aka Viega Sanchez, showcases pop at its best. Late night kind of pop? Okay, works for me. Wonderful vocals layered on top of a cold surface, justified by the fact she is "obsessed with Giorgio Moroder's blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres." Viega Sanchez is a name you should remember.

Shift Key - 'Touch'

I'm a big fan of house driven R&B tracks. Or is it R&B driven house tracks? Yes it's the second one. The thing is, this young Londoner knows how to juggle both - effortlessly creating baby-making music. I never thought I'd say something like that, but there's no better way to describe 'Touch'. I go through the day humming "I just wanna feel your touch, I never wanna get enough," and people think I'm a bit off. Whatever.

The Electric Sons - 'Revolutionist'

The Electric Sons are a "two headed music machine out of Atlanta" and they're great! Following their debut EP, The Electric Sons are coming back with a new EP, Chromaesthesia. It's colourful, unique and I love them.

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