With his former Wild Beasts bandmate Hayden Thorpe having already taken the solo album route, Tom Fleming has today revealed his own new project. It's called One True Pairing, which he says "is a name taken from internet fan fiction, where you write the perfect relationship you always wished existed. The idea of Prince Charming and Helpless Princess living happily after is no fun at all.”

These are ideas that run deeper than just the moniker, with the debut single from the project also being called 'One True Pairing'. Fleming says on the track "This is a song about hope, about getting beaten down and getting up again, more wide-eyed and full of wonder than you ever were before. It’s about doing wrong and then seeing things for what they really are. It’s a love song, or as close as I’ll ever want to get to one."

Fleming's vocal ability to hop from gravelly seriousness to dreamy beauty has always been an asset, and he uses it on 'One True Pairing' to express the extremities of feeling he's singing about. Backed by a crunching guitar riff and delicate electronic chimes, it all comes together into a gripping and heartwrenching whole. Check out 'One True Pairing' below, with a video co-created with Clarence Clarity.

The first ever One True Pairing gig is happening on July 25th at Bedford Tavern in London, tickets are on sale Friday at 9AM.