The backstory behind Tom Milsom is fairly underwhelming; after all, his is a familiar story of a london-based artist writing and recording music in his bedroom. However judging from his single 'Take Me Out', Milsom destroys any preconceptions about 'bedroom music', crafting a remarkable psychedelic sunshine-pop song. Combining massive-sounding production values, dreamy emotive instrumentation and hugely infectious melodies, Milsom truly pushes the boundaries of 'bedroom pop' - 'Take Me Out' sounds as though it could have had Phil Spector, Grizzly Bear and Beach House all crammed into his bedroom. Having picked up a huge YouTube following for his videos (including nine million views on YouTube), 'Take Me Out' could be the song that takes him out of his bedroom and into indie-pop stardom.

Take Me Out is the first single from Tom Milsom's forthcoming album 'Organs', which if follows in the vein of 'Take Me Out' should surely obliterate any remaining winter feelings.