Photos by Tim Boddy

When I got to Heaven, it was pretty much empty which worried me as the support band, Breton, were meant to be on in five minutes time. Luckily, they came on late which gave the venue time to fill up a little.

Deriving from the Hemlock Recordings clan (early home of James Blake), the band automatically received press attention with the release of their fantastic debut EP, 'Counterpart Balance'. Listening to the conversations around me, the early crowd appeared to be made up of a few journalists and huge Tom Vek fans who didn’t know who they were clearly, as I heard some very odd comments/ comparisons made about them. For me though, they put on an interesting show and proved that, as well as the songs from their EP, they have a lot more brilliant songs under their possession.

The band, vocal wise, was the perfect match for the Tom Vek support slot but musically they are quite different to Vek. When the band came onto stage, I think that people thought they were sound checking as they pursued their experimental, yet epic racket. These purposely jagged starts continued throughout their set but actually worked well for the band. I think that eventually, with their massive synth loops conjured together with heavy guitars and hip hop beats, the band managed to sway the proportion of the audience that were sceptical about them at the start of their set.

And finally, it was time for Mr Vek to take to the stage in the face of an extremely packed Heaven (I’m pretty sure they let too many people in there as I’ve definitely stood at the sides in front of a pillar before. Some people end up paying for that view...).

He opened with the first song from We Have Sound, ‘C-C (You Set the Fire in Me)’, which sent the crowd into even more of a frenzy than they were already in. I was also stood next to the world’s campest man; it was brilliant as his dancing made me happy and his friend filmed it which I found quite amusing.

He then proceeded to play ‘World of Doubt’ and pretty much the rest of the new album, Leisure Seizure, which already people knew all of the worlds to and reacted to the songs as if they were old classics. He mixed in a few songs from his debut such as ‘The Lower the Sun’ which went down smashingly but what really was one of my favourite moments of the night was when he played ‘Nothing But Green Lights’ relatively early on, evoking a party atmosphere under the Charring Cross railway arches to a backdrop of green lights (of course). It also raised the spirits of spectators to what ended up being a continuously high level.

From the new album, the songs which really set the room into hysteria was erogenous anthem ‘Aroused’ , the simple yet incredibly catchy ‘Someone Loves You’, ‘Seizemic’ and ‘A.P.O.L.O.G.Y.’ My other favourite moments of the gig were: someone shouting at Tom “You should have gone to Specsavers” and the chants of “There’s only one Tom Vek.”

As an encore, Tom inevitably played ‘A Chore’ but didn't actually come on until the second verse as the sexy, skinny blonde from the video mimed the first verse/ chorus which I’m sure was a pleasant surprise for the straight males/ lesbians in the audience. It was also a fun way to end an extremely fun and entertaining gig. This was definitely one of the best gigs I’ve been to in quite some time and the best surprise ever as I wasn’t even attending until late that afternoon!