"Don't get upset. It’s not my time yet" was Tom Vek's words on his debut album We Have Sound. Six years later and it is obviously his time as Vek has released his second album Leisure Seizure, and he has by no means left fans disappointed. On the release of his first album, many were left baffled by the combination of indie guitars and electronic beats at the time when we were all loving The Libertines or Franz Ferdinand, but Vek seems to have found his time and along with cutting his hair and smartening up, he has come back with a record that is sharper and more sure than ever. Vek was even quoted as saying about his six year break: "being a delirious optimist, I’ll say it was deliberate".

On his first record, Vek made a big deal about lead bass lines – especially in the song ‘If You Want’, but in Leisure Seizure he seems to have toned it down and made a more even sound. However, one of the main things about Tom Vek's new record that has not changed is his stripped bare, straight forward vocals. Vek's vocals have been described by some critics as a "monotonous bark" that is "better off selling news papers" – I think this is almost like saying Ian Curtis’ voice is boring or monotonous. Many people would agree that Vek's voice is a definite part of his sound, and is similar to popular bands such as Interpol, Nick Cave & the bad seeds and Editors to name but a few.

The first single from the album ‘A Chore’ is a strong record with a cool video to boot. Although Vek has not produced a ground breaking new genre of music with this record, he is certainly right to have stuck to what he does best - producing popular, catchy tracks that have an edge on your standard indie record. However on the track 'A.P.O.L.O.G.Y', Vek does lean towards a heavier, drum and bass sound, and on the track ‘Seizmic’ Vek plays with a sound similar to that of an arcade game. Overall, there are definitely different influences from track to track, but Vek holds it together with his signature style. The record is great to listen to from start to finish, and will certainly impress those who were fans of his debut album ‘We Have Sound’.

Is there a chance we will have to wait another 6 six years for a third record? Who knows, but I certainly know I’ll be catching him on his current tour just in case.