After a chance meeting over MySpace yonks ago, Tom Vek and Olga Bell formed a firm friendship. It was slow and steady until a fateful meeting at Brazil's Creators Project: they began (finally) working together after discussing works-in-progress at the event, going on to share rough demos and snippets of noise until they'd formed two mighty chunks of electropop between them. That pair of tracks would eventually turn into their upcoming double-A side, Know Yourself/Oyster, to be released under the moniker Nothankyou on Moshi Moshi this August.

The continent-traversing multi-instrumentalist duo have unleashed one of those A-sides so far. 'Know Yourself' has lurching dance-y bassline and rickety cowbell-lined beats to propel the cut onto dancefloors; Bell's bewitched vocals are transfixed on hypnotising you – they're stuffed with hooks and earworm 'oohs' you'll have to surgically remove. It's a macabre, foreboding effort from the lauded twosome, showing great promise of their potential. Listen/watch below.