One of the many, many gems of legendary singer/songwriter Tom Waits was the curious and groundbreaking animated short Tom Waits For No One. The 19179 feature, from director John Lamb, used Waits' performance of 'The One That Got Away' from a live taping at Hollywood's La Brea Stage, and turned the effort into a sultry visual story.

The project, now 35-years old, is somewhat celebrated in the animated field for its then revolutionary use of rotoscope technology and hand-drawn techniques. Several players from the original project used it as a launching pole for very successful careers with Disney and The Simpsons.

Now, Lamb is launching a Kickstarter in hopes to restore and re-release the original piece, which can be seen below courtesy of a generous YouTube user. Lamb hopes to run an unveiling next March at Hollywood's Catchlight Studios - the location that replaced the original Le Brea Stage.

The Kickstarter, which begins September 19th, hopes to deliver the following promise: “transferring the original live action footage of Tom Waits and the video pencil test to a contemporary format to be projected throughout the gallery; restoration and framing of original animation cels for display; and restoration of the Lyon Lamb Video Rotoscope used in the film’s production.” A scrapbook will also be put together, along with other pieces, for the project.