I suppose it's the reason that one goes to a church, to be blessed by a miracle. And tonight something certainly shone from the heavens (excuse the pun). Tom Williams and Chris TT led a night that filled me with joy that I haven't properly experienced in a while, playing in a church many would just pass without a seconf warning, the evening left me with a resounding faith in those around.

Bringing an artistic energy to what I find out is London's oldest church, the audience is clearly taken with Tom William's deep edgy tunes. With support being provided from the amazing Chris TT, I think many in the room were already elated, only to be further so by Tom. As an early, perfectly placed cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain' grabs the attention of those not with their direct focus on the band it's easy to tell this would be a special performance. With the third song 'Concentrate,' I think it was fair to say most of the room was in awe, while an aunt danced happily to herself in the corner.

Tom broke for a solo piece mid set as a hushed silence surrounded him and eager eyes glared up. His blend of folk rock a perfect setting for a December night, amidst the political fury as protests rage our streets. Playing even through personal sound issues, the set was strong, dynamic and warming. Lulling gig goers as they sipped away at their wine.

Tom Williams & The Boat, St Pancras Old Church, London - 13 December 2010. </a></p>

<p>For an encore both the talents combined, giggling away on stage together as the crowd were left with a fuzzy feeling.</p>

<p>Tonight was one of those experiences that make you feel better about others, but to spread it through music is something special. As well as the beautiful setting that back dropped it. Tom Williams and the Boat look set to have a strong future. After a year of doing everything by themselves, 2011 looks set to be a feisty one and hopefully twice as amazing as this.</p>

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