After releasing two albums under the moniker The Petticoat Tearoom, Tomás Pagán Motta has decided to step into the spotlight for the release of his forthcoming self-titled album which drops on 3 March via Eight Gang Switch. Born and raised in Washington, DC, but having spent time in Puerto Rico, he brings together varied influences that are present on his new song 'It's Tough Letting Go', which you can listen to the exclusive premiere of below. The gorgeous orchestral arrangements pair perfectly with the song's expressive lyrics and a lush Americana feel that fans of Natalie Prass or Tobias Jesso Jr. will love. In a statement, Motta explained how the album eventually found its shape and the narratives that you can find on it:

"The recordings hit a natural flow. In my mind, it seemed to echo the effortless variegation in nature. Winter was coming while we laid it all down in several days. It just poured out, all the expression, and found its layers quickly. My life is a straw in a hurricane of leaves, yet I'm compelled to express anyway for some reason and I'll endure to do so. To endure is divine, isn't it? The songs morph and move and change, like all of us. So it's just a feeling, a movement captured."

If you like 'It's Tough Letting Go', you can download his previous single 'I Don't Care' for free over at SoundCloud.

  • Tour Dates:
  • 02.20.15 // The Living Room // Brooklyn, NY w/The Sea, The Sea
  • 02.21.15 // MilkBoy Philly // Philadelphia, PA w/Rene Lopez
  • 03.13.15 // The Rock and Roll Hotel // Washington, DC
  • 03.15.15 // The Ottobar (Upstairs) // Baltimore, MD
  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Up and Away
  • 2. I Don't Care
  • 3. Kin With The Wind
  • 4. It's Tough Letting Go
  • 5. I Need A Woman
  • 6. Love in Her Lies
  • 7. Nobody Knows
  • 8. I Have Been Lost (Reprise)

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