We recently brought you 'Self-Help', the fortifying and self-examining single from Tomberlin, the Louisville-based artist who will be releasing her debut album At Weddings on Saddle Creek on August 10th. Today she follows that up with another acoustic-based beauty, 'Seventeen'.

Once again we are immediately taken into the intimacy of Tomberlin's world with her echoing guitar sounding up-close-and personal. This is matched by her honeyed voice, and imbued by subtle strings. Tomberlin's voice is rich with emotion and depth that seems beyond her years, and is the perfect vessel for her words about love, hardship and overcoming. When the song reaches its stunning denouement, with her repeating "you always say that I look tough/ But it's because I'm tough," you're in no doubt that she is.

At Weddings is available for pre-order here. Follow Tomberlin on Twitter and Instagram.