Having just released her self-titled debut album, Tommy Genesis is making power moves. Having already directed her own music video for '100 Bad', she's trying her hand at a more ambitious visual foray.

Co-helmed with Brando, she's released God is Wild, and words generally fail to capture its essence. What's going on isn't always entirely clear, but it surely doesn't need to be when what transpires is so odd and entertaining.

Seeming to take place in a bizarre dystopia, Genesis plays a devil-horned character (there are horned characters aplenty here) navigating her way through a criminal underworld.

The short film begins typically enough, seeming to be a music video, but quickly descends into darkness after Genesis grows sick in a bathroom, only to be dragged off to meet a mafiosa-esque character that somewhat resembles Ron Perlman from the cult classic 80's Beauty and the Beast series. Seriously.

From there, well, we'll let you catch on for yourself. Naturally, Genesis' new music serves as a backdrop for the strange visual feast. Check it out below, and listen to Tommy Genesis today.