South London punk-rock four-piece, Tones have delivered a fiery call to arms to the youth of today to step up and take a stand for something. As a young band who feel there's no one out there speaking to them on a relatable level musically, they're focusing on changing exactly that, with songs about politics, lack of ambition and the monotony of suburban teenage life through raging grunge guitars and aggressive punk elements.

The band formed at secondary school, bored by their education and still, at only seventeen, are driven to give a voice so seldom represented in modern pop music. In a time when the government is cutting funds to vital public services, and welfare is being slashed, they believe there are too many songs about love and not enough about issues that affect the youth across their country. Tones look to change that with their new surging single 'Here On After.'

"Youth should be free and not be told by a government who they are and what they need. The machine is trying to make us all into clones but we need to take a step up and shape the future for ourselves," the band says.