My Top 10 Guilty Pleasure movies By Scott Murphy Guilty pleasures are hard to define, they are usually films that are used embarrassed to admit to watching but I never felt embarrassed to watch rubbish films. So I have defined films that I feel I have to justify liking and watching with tongue firmly in cheek. 10. Judge Dredd I have always been a big Judge Dredd fan, ever since I was young and got the monthly megazine. So I should hate this film as it is undoubted rubbish but for some reason I don't. I mean the characters are poorly drawn, the plot wafer thin and in all it is bit of a mess. But it all runs along at a fairly entertaining, there is some chuckles to be had from Rob Schneider’s (largely) irritating sidekick and it is all worth it, just to hear Sly incomprehensibly slur: "I AM THE LAW!!!!" 9. Spawn Another film as a comic fan I should hate but for some reason don't. Apart from the all over the shop plot, one of the main problems with this one is the incredibly shoddy effects (even for the time). I think I gave this film some slack as I thought it would be cool to see a Spawn movie and wanted it to be good. But it isn’t all bad. Spawn is necessarily surly, an unrecognisable John Leguizamo is suitably disgusting and Martin Sheen’s taking lessons from the Faye Dunaway Academy of Drama, scenery-chewing is (unintentionally) hilarious. 8. Masters of the Universe I kind think the main entertainment in this film is the sight of all these disparate people in one movie. Oh there’s Dolph Lundgren, obviously our hero. Hey that’s Courtney Cox, looking very young. Hang on there, that’s principle from Back to the Future. Wait a godamm sec is that Frank Langella as Skeletor, it bloody well is! (You forgot Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager Scott, for shame – KS) Oh yeah there’s also some sort a plot about a key that makes close encounter sound effects or something or other but who cares, they managed to rope Frank Langella to star in this rubbish .Cannot be all bad. Well ok, but you can always get a kick out of Dolph’s "acting", and if you don't well are YOU going to tell him. 7. American Ninja Ever seen a ninja who can shoot lasers? No?! Well you obviously ain’t seen this film. It is all about a badass outsider with amnesia who through some sort of community service has ended up in the U.S. army somewhere in central America (possibly Panama).There is some evil ninja-employing drug baron who, surprisingly, only he can stop. Army = helpless, Dudikoff = major ass kickage. Also apparently his ninja master works as the villain’s gardener and makes him remember his past, somehow knowing this convoluted plot was going to come to pass. This is topped off by Michael Dudikoff himself who tries to "act" through various levels of squinting. 6. Street Fighter I love Jean-Claude. The Muscles from Brussels has given many hours of entertainment and like all films on this list, this is rubbish, but as tongue-in-cheek fun. Highlights include Zangief shouting: "change the channel" as a truck of explosives head for the bad guys, JCVD horrendously cheesy speech to the troops (rivalling Bill Pullman's in Independence Day), Zangief and E Honda battling in a miniature city Godzilla style and, OF COURSE,(anyone who doesn’t see the significance of this joke, hang your head in shame and watch the Nostalgia Critic’s review of Street Fighter here - KS) Bison informing Chun Li: "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday." 5. Showgirls Here an interesting fact Paul Verhoven is one of two directors to pick up their Worst Film gong at the Razzies (the other is Tom Green), and it was for this film. With good reason, it is awful, but for sheer I-can't-believe-it-is-this-bad factor, it is also hilarious. From the gaudiness of the set design to the costumes to Kyle MacLachan's coiffed hair to the ridiculous dialogue everything is (unintentionally) hilarious. But the piece de la resistance is the swimming pool sex scene in which Elizabeth Berkley flails about like she getting electrocuted. Finally I think there something innately funny/strange about seeing the "swotty girl" from Saved by the Bell 4. Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy Geeez Jane Fonda used to be hot. Shut up you pervy chauvinist I hear you say, but that seems to be the director’s (her then husband's) purpose in this film: to see how in how many weird and wonderful he can get our gal Jane naked and having sex with somebody or other. But other than that it is just a psychedelic mind-fuck, with a trippy look, a blind angel, something about a scientist Durand Durand (yeah that’s how the band got their name), a lesbian queen, a group of women who consume the essence of man, evil children and a torture device which kills through sexual pleasure. What else could you ask for from a psychedelic late sixties film, based on a French comic strip? 3. The Toxic Avenger If I am being honest, I could fill a whole list of guilty pleasure movies, with Troma films like Terror Firma, Class of Nuke'em High, Sgt Kabukiman etc. But this is their best. Despite the bizarre plot, concept, characters etc I love this movie and its sequels. For those who don't know, the film is about a young mum's boy Melvin who works at the local Tromaville gym when a prank perpetrated the world's most over top bullies goes horribly wrong and he falls into a vat of toxic waste and becomes The Toxic Avenger, New Jersey's first superhero who then gets revenge on bullies, gets a hot blind girlfriend and cleans up crime. This film (and its sequels) is stuffed with cheap gore, bad taste humour and plain whacked out characters. 2. Plan 9 from Outer Space Well there really isn't much I can say about this one that ain't been said already regularly seen as the, 'worst film ever' and directed by 'the worst director ever', auteur-gone-wrong Ed Wood. The film has a myriad of mistake's, plot holes, absurdities etc which have sealed its cult status. These include Bela Lugosi dying during the shoot so the replaced him with (a noticeably taller) replacement who hid his face with a cloak, a narration that seems to have little to with the film, the fact the film from daylight to night and back again, in the same scene sometimes, wobbling scenery, flying saucers with visible strings and lots more. Also the cast has got to be the oddball ever assembled with Tor Johnson, a former pro wrestler, Criswell, the narrator, who was apparently a psychic, Vampira, known for form-fitting dresses and introducing b-Movies and, of course, the man behind the cloak, the Lugosi replacement, who was Ed's wife's chiropractor. 1. Ninja Terminator You might be surprised to learn there is a whole series of these films, you also be surprised by when it was made as it looks and feels older. But as a total of about 12 people have actually seen unintentionally hilarious gem let me explain. The "plot" (trust me I use the term loosely) involves ninja masters hunting for the three pieces of the golden ninja warrior, as when it is complete it makes the holder impervious to conventional weapons. Anyway we are not here for plot; we are here for the bad dubbing, the super cool Jaguar Wong, almost continuously cart wheeling ninjas. Genuinely, this film cracks me up, nothing makes sense. Here some instances Richard Harris (not that one), our hero, cut his morning watermelon with a samurai sword, he kills a crab with a ninja star, yet his wife is unaware he's a ninja, he also receives a video from "thee ninja empire" from a toy robot, we also have an Asian baddie who wears a blond wig for no good reason and a guy called Bruce who practices his ninja skills by whirling fire round his head. There are many other things but like all films on the list you need to see it to believe it. Honourable Mentions: They Live, Frankenhooker, Maniac Cop, Basket Case, The Craft, Bad Taste, Road House, Dune, Teen Wolf, Nico, ,Freddy Vs Jason, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, Friday the 13th 1 - 8, Cool World, Supergirl, Flash Gordon, Weekend at Bernie’s, Joe Vs The Volcano What’s your guilty pleasure movie? Log onto our forum and have your say