In case you didn't know, Orchid Tapes are a record label from New York, they are a home to some of the best music that our shitty little planet can offer right now. We're pretty sure they really like you too, which would explain why they've made their entire back catalogue available for free download. Free, like no money free, so there is nothing stopping you from discovering all the good things they've released over the last couple of years. Except that there is quite a lot of it, so where do you start?

Harnessing the spirit of all things race-to-the-bottom (which I like to do on occasion to rope you people in) I thought I'd make you a TOP TEN SONGS ON ORCHID TAPES playlist, to help you get started with their back catalogue, and because you bloody love lists don't you.

Although that didn't really happen. What I've actually done is make you a TOP TEN SONGS ON ORCHID TAPES THAT ARE ON SOUNDCLOUD ALSO, playlist. Which as it goes is a pretty damn decent list in itself. It gives you a feel for what you are getting with the bands on this label. It's understated, thoughtful, and it has heart, all of it. I can't get enough. I've been digging into what I hadn't already heard from them over the last couple of days and it is all so very good. I mean, it's so good you should probably pay for it, even though you don't have to.

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