A "smorgasbord of sound" might be the lamest words you'll read today (at least in that specific order), but we're being honest about its application. If you fancy ending the week with some introspective lyrics, then Waxahatchee has your back, but if you're looking for something more pop-orientated, there's plenty to love about Bo Rocha's new track. Have a great weekend.

5. Waxahatchee - 'La Loose'

A crisp, playful beat that reminds me of something Tegan and Sara might release plays along in the background, giving it a joyful feel even if the lyrics lean towards the introspective.

4. Bo Rocha - 'Angel Eyes'

With tribal, thundering drums that provide a pretty strong contrast to her sweet voice, it's reminiscent of fellow rising pop starlets Verite or Tei Shi but with a lot more attitude.

3. Frog - 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'

Frog are from Brooklyn, there are two of them, which makes them a duo whether they like it or not. They are going to release their second album next month, but you can pre-order it now; it's called Kind Of Blah and it's really worth your time and energy. They have pretty much mastered the indie rock crescendo which is what makes it really enjoyable; it's so enjoyable that we played the first single from the album on Huw Stephens' radio show a couple of weeks ago, which, I assume, is the kind of validation/endorsement you were looking for.

We're premiering their song 'All Dogs Go To Heaven' even though we think the title is a lie. It's not really reflective of the album as a whole, but there is a moment when he switches his voice up to falsetto that makes me grin so hard I think my face may actually split into two separate parts. Listen below and see if that happens to you.

2. Wet - 'Deadwater'

We (and the rest of the music blogging community) have been eagerly awaiting what's to come from Brooklyn trio Wet since they released their debut EP back in 2014, and by the sounds of their new single 'Deadwater', their forthcoming debut album might be pretty special.

1. Sea Lion - 'Room'

"I recorded 'Room' after a week of frustration where i couldn’t record anything that didn’t feel like crap and I was unsure whether to push it any further or to just give up. I always struggle with knowing when to rest or when to keep going. It was around midnight and I just felt really frustrated with myself, so i made some coffee and then i went out for a long walk and when I got back I decided to try one more time and I wrote and recorded it within an hour or so."