This week was exciting, right? No. The most interesting thing to happen in terms of "news" was Ariana Grande's strange, Homer-esque obsession with donuts and her bizarre hatred for America. As for "NEW MUSIC" - the modus operandi of this weekly column - the quality hit an all-time high on Monday and never seemed to dip. Good work all around.

5. GOAT - 'It's Time For Fun'

Swedish psych-weird collective GOAT are back with a new single. 'It's Time For Fun' is the band's first new music since the release of their sophomore album, Commune, last September. Electrifying and hypnotising, 'It's Time For Fun' was recorded in New York and is a fine example of synth-no wave heaven.

4. Laurel - 'Blue Blood'

Filled with everything that made us fall in love with her in the first place, from swelling production and magical melodies and vocals to the 24-piece string section she recorded it with, it's an absolute stunner.

3. Chelsea Wolfe - 'After The Fall'

Drifting slightly from the powerful drone emphasis of the former singles, 'After The Fall' bruises with an industrial tinge, rippling with a positively enriching aura of Trent Reznor-style atmospheres and Wolfe's serene patterns.

2. Doja Cat - 'Dizzy'

The house-addled 'Dizzy' features production help from familiar Doja Cat collaborator LONE, who also worked on her previous release 'YEEEAH!'. Compared to the latter, 'Dizzy' features much more singing from the up-and-comer, flexing her pop ambition while gliding through LONE's chrome production touches from his own track 'Airglow Fires'.

1. Orfeo - 'California Rain'

'California Rain' sees the singer-songwriter's falsetto voice call from the West Coast instead, offering up the refraining question "California, how you doing? Is it raining there, just for once?" as he plays a looping melody on an acoustic guitar, accompanying the low buzzing notes and fleeting squeaks of fingers sliding up and down the fretboard with a spot of whistling later on. It's an ode to California, a breezy love note; carefree, but steeped in weltschmerz, both in the barely crooning vocals themselves and lines like, "I got tired of your point of view."