"You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing anything. That’s what the phones are taking away. The ability to just sit there. That's being a person."

These are our five favourite songs from the past seven days:

5. Naomi Pilgrim - 'It's All Good'

Much like her previous soul pop offerings, Pilgrim launches spectacularly straight-forward lyrics amid blisters of hazy pop fog on the track, shimmered in resounding "oohs" and a powerful chorus. Part dance-happy boasts and modernist R&B fury, 'It's All Good' plays like a contemporary Top 40 hit but with rousing confidence and sincerity; familiar but starkly new wave.

4. Austin Johnson - 'Helpless' feat. Mothica

Above the shuffling beat blows a host of wave-like synths, with icy drips plinking out a fragile melody in the downtempo ambience of it all. Mothica's voice is heartfelt, drenched in reverb and ornamenting the tender gloominess of the track, bubbling bloop sounds soft and rippled by the occasional and huge canyon-echo clap. Paints a picture of cave-deep emptiness and isolation, complete with that otherworldly beauty often boasted by subterranean places.


For more familiar listeners, 'Velvet' may not have the uptempo hip-hop-centric pounce that the trio is commonly associated with. Rather, 'Velvet' showcases their impassioned natural jazz talents with Alex Sowinski ringing home on the vibraphone. Retro for some, possibly, but consciously joyful at its core.

2. Danny L Harle - 'In My Dreams'

It's understated, mainly in the vocals which come from other PC Music person Hannah Diamond (I think, but don't get upset if I'm wrong) – a kind of speaking singing that is endearingly plaintive – but also in the xylophonic strains, the breezy synth blips, the soft complex melodies dotting the piece.

It is also totally not understated: e.g. the plasma blasts of synth that shoot down in syncopated sheets of stabbing brightness; the almost oppressive and hefty silences that dwell in the tiny spaces between said blasts; the fuzz-rumble of the flowing bass; the white noise whooshes. It's obvious and subtle, an exercise in pop structure and dynamics and sound that is as enjoyable on the surface as it is intriguing underneath.

1. Sea Lion - The Big Moon EP

We're breaking the rules by picking an EP for our 'Song of the Week'. Sorry.