This week's 'Top 5 Songs of The Week' feature is brought to you by the following Seinfeld conversation:

Kramer: You're becoming one of the glitterati.
George: What's that?
Kramer: People who glitter.

5. Chief - 'Demon' (feat. Beayz)

The heady single combs together bombastic Top 40 energy with murky, futuristic panache.

4. Hodgy Beats - 'Lay Back'

Beneath Hodgy's effortless flow, 'Lay Back' features sparkling poolside cocktail lounge production from SAP. Get glittery-fresh, get laid-back, with the soulful-timeless sounds below.

3. GoldLink - 'Dance On Me'

Vienna-based producer Milo Mills carves out a sparkling candy canyon of sweet summer sounds in 'Dance On Me', a new musical morsel from artist-on-the-up, 21-year-old GoldLink.

2. True Noir - 'Creation'

'Creation' is a dream-like guitar driven pop track that perfectly captures the atmosphere of the film noir genre with its haunting sound. Like a lovechild of Wolf Alice and Placebo, its grungy vibes are pure '90s bliss with a polished, modern 2015 sheen.

1. Widowspeak - 'Girls'

'Girls' is full of wibbling organs, lazy-day slide guitar, languorous vocals, tremolo melodies, the constant of acoustic chords and a swaying simplistic beat. It's a tract of reminiscence and half-regrets: "I've seen girls / younger than me / so sure of what they want / and it gets harder to focus it on / what I want to focus on" sings Molly Hamilton, "further from her wilder years" – these are huge, vague thoughts, the kind that everybody finds it hard to pinpoint exactly. C'est la vie.