It's easy to get distracted by copyright lawsuits, lacklustre pop stars or whatever Kanye did this week (no shade, we love you Yeezy), but the mission statement of this weekly column is to make sure you go into the weekend having heard at least five really good songs. We're confident we hit the mark on this one.

5. St. Vincent - 'Teenage Talk'

Earlier this year it was reported that an unreleased St. Vincent song would be featuring in series four of HBO show Girls. That unreleased song is called 'Teenage Talk', and it's pretty great.

4. Death Grips - 'On GP'

Those guitars, that drumming! Music!

3. Holly Herndon - 'Interference'

The words are like a manifesto for the future spoken in cryptic couplets (mostly), for instance, "the personal, / is geopolitical" and "the future, a (broken) flag / over the borders" and "we will find an exit, / new ways to love." They punctuate the abstract nature of the video and the explosive, urgent electronica of Herndon's juddering disoriented track with poised question marks.

2. Shura - '2Shy'

This is Shura's new track '2Shy' and as you might have already guessed: yes, it's good, it's glorious. Aside from the actual mind-soothing sounds of the song itself – the chords like a series of soft explosion, the synth pads glistening with magical intensity, the sun-soaked flavours of the juddering groovesome bass, the shuffling drums and their '80s dynamism, the sampled sounds of real passers-by – the lyrics are basically also perfect.

1. Kero Kero Bonito - 'Picture This'

The perfect pop song.