SXSW is in full swing this week, showcasing some of the most promising talent from across the globe. Expect the Texan gala to signal a host of new names to watch out for over the coming year, and help dictate the path that music treads in the near future. Also, Yeezy and Hova are tearin' it up and Gaga's gone doolally tap-er, smearing herself in vomit. Business as usual, then.

Just 'cause the music world is fixated on Austin, doesn't mean everyone's ceased trading: this week's still got a bumper crop of tasty sonic morsels.

  • Artist: Ibn Inglor
  • Track Name: 'Damaged'
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Matt Korman

Late last year, we had a lengthy interview with emerging Chicago rapper Ibn Inglor, who's New Wave LP topped out as one of 2013's best mixtapes.

Not slowing down, Inglor is planning on releasing his immediate sequel New Wave 2 with some of the enriching, shadowing aesthetics that made the original mixtape so appealing. The new tape's second single, 'Damaged', lurches with a similar atmospheric punch, penning hazy vocals from Australian artist Nick Acquroff.

  • Artist: V V Brown
  • Track Name: 'Faith feat. Okereke' (Maths Time Joy Remix)
  • Location: London, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Peter Hinson

When V V Brown handed her moody Kele Okereke-featuring synth track 'Faith' over to Maths Time Joy, the 22-year-old producer decided to keep it organic. He airs out the electro claustrophobia from the Samson & Delilah original and smooths it with luscious instrumentation that drips like water, and swelters underneath.

  • Artist: BEA
  • Track Name: 'Breadwinner'
  • Location: The Netherlands
  • Link: Website
  • Author: Peter Hinson

'Breadwinner' is the first track from brand new British-born Dutch artist BEA, a young, strong pop talent who is already forging her own hallmarks with a rippling vocal range and hooks contoured with darkness. 'Breadwinner' will be available as a free download through BEA's Soundcloud page from March 27th.

That striking image was taken by the brilliant Piet Langeveld. He's captured her sound quite well in that shot, wouldn't you say?

  • Artist: Earthquake Island
  • Track Name: 'Naked Water feat. Mocca'
  • Location: Italy/Japan
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Russell Thomas

This is the sound of Italian-in-Tokyo, Earthquake Island – aka Emiliano Ruggeiro. Last year he released his debut album, The Case Of Galastrophy – a collection of atmospheric tracks bound by the freshness of chillwave and boombapish beats. The remix album 9 Tales About Galastrophy surfaced at the start of this year, featuring remixes from the original album by such artists as Sun Glitters, Go Dugong and canooooopy. Little did we know that Earthquake Island would be dropping something so soon, but lo and behold: here is 'Naked Water'.

Featuring the free-floating, esoterically charged pop-opera vocals of Japanese singer, Mocca, the track bounces forward with filmic intent, shot with unearthly far-flung choirs and brain-tingling strings. Sub-bass kicks rumble boom beneath the the wash of sound, beneath the crackling liquid snaps of the snare and the hi-hat's metallic ticking. It's a portion of fluid chill magicised with Mocca's soaring voice, fitting the misty unknown of the track perfectly.

But wait – there's more! Two remixes feature alongside the release of this single. The first, from Yakamoto Kotzuga (aka Giacomo Mazzucato), noisens up the original, placing distorted wordless splices of Mocca's vocals all over, adding crushing bass, the beat bristling. Then Go Yama, who recently released an album of Hayao Miyazaki-inspired tracks (Glimpses From The Spirit Plane), turns 'Naked Water' into an odd subversion of videogame funk, owing mainly to a skipping saw-wave bass and gloriously pitch-bending synth solo in dual harmony. Both are cool variations on a theme.

  • Artist: Say Lou Lou
  • Track Name: 'Everything We Touch'
  • Location: Sweden
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Peter Hinson

'Everything We Touch' by Say Lou Lou is perfect for anyone who like their pop music to be bright and happy without sacrificing any sense of sentimentality.

The song is a slow sway that's soon throwing shapes under an array of lights and sunshine. It uses familiar, nostalgic synth sounds, but this track lives in the now as a soundtrack for the moments worth remembering.

'Everything We Touch' is available to pre-order now. Stream it below and make sure you check out our recent 'Behind The Scenes' feature with them by heading here.