These are the five greatest songs from the past seven days because, ya know, we have trust in our own taste. We think you'll find some joy here.

5. Soho Rezanejad - 'Idolatry'

Released today, this is a brand new song from Copenhagen-based arist Soho Rezanejad (formerly of Danish trio Gold Lip) called 'Idolatry'. In it, her gutsy vocals call out into a dark swirling mass of industrial-grade electro-pop, squelchy bass and laser-cutter synth leads at work over the unrelenting, pugilistic beat.

4. Mas Ysa - 'Margarita'

The new single captures a tropicalia vibe, but its true prowess can be found in Arsenault's surprisingly strong vocals. The lyrics, despite their seemingly distant inspiration, are actually about Arsenault's mother. He explains to FADER: "There is something soothing about yelling my Mother's name on stage. Even in the middle of a long run of shows, stage fright can really swell in me unexpectedly. She is such a source of kindness and light that sort of summoning her helps, 'cause she shows up."

3. Puro Instinct - 'Lake Como'

Piper and Skylar Kaplan are sibling duo Puro Instinct. Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan are similarly sibling-based production duo Christian Rich (they worked on Vince Staples' 'High'). Together, they've conceived this track called 'Lake Como'. Lake Como is in Italy; it is one of the deepest lakes in Europe (over 400m in depth). The track is very glittery, clean-cut yet fragile and decayed at the same time: exo-pop, in that it could be pop from another time and another place but it's too weird to actually be considered "popular", and exists outside the boundaries marking all notions thereof. In a good way.

2. Anna B Savage - 'III'

When Anna B Savage released her second-ever track (appropriately titled 'II'), we knew that she was something special. That's still the case with her newest release 'III', from her debut album which is out in a few weeks on 25 May. It's dark and, well, savage - with her deep and truly unique voice towering over the tumbling drum beats and ominous instrumentals.

1. Laura Clock - 'Fade'

The analogue beats, heat-warped bleeps and atmospheric synth chords in 'Fade' by Laura Clock are quite refreshing – in an abrasive-yet-ethereal kind of way, of course. The stark and sometimes quite minimal sounds allow her voice plenty of room to expand over everything like a ghost silently casting a gloomy glow over its favourite haunt.