"He's at school and he hears about a new Avalanches track and is super excited. He finally gets to listen to the song, only to find out that it's his own song." - Reddit user, RunDNA.

That's life on the internet, isn't it? On one hand the situation placed an unknown artist into the spotlight, but on the other it pointed out just how fickle people can be ("Apparently people think the track is shit now? What happened?"). This week's post goes out to the very serious nature of the "world wide web" and the people that spend way too much time concerned about what other people get up to.

5. Nite Fields - 'Prescription'

Its dark and rich shoegaze sound is most definitely welcomed as we trudge our way through the more grey and cold months of the year, offering a bit of warmth where there's often little to be found. - Tarynn Law

4. John Carpenter - 'Night'

At the most basic level, it's like a more menacing version of a Tangerine Dream song: the squelch of arpeggiated synth bass, ancient mystery swimming in a zither-like melody, persistent strings, the decay of analogue sounds crunching every now and then. - Russell Thomas

3. JUCE - 'The Other One'

It's a bit more downtempo than what we've heard from them so far but it's still got their trademark groovy '90s sound and its fair share of attitude. It's our first new taste of music from them this year and as they wrap up work on their debut album, I'm sure there'll be more on the horizon. - Tarynn Law

2. K.I.D. - 'Drunk Enough To Love Me'

The grunge-pop duo have a knack for balancing accessible pop music with just the right amount of indie charm. Their cheeky yet relatable lyrics are bound to send you down memory lane of person experiences (or not if lucky). - Tarynn Law

1. Amherst - 'New Whip'

Who cares if this ended up not being a new Avalanches song. Not us, that's for sure.