This week's selection is really good - psychedelic throwbacks, choral swells and a pretty fantastic 'Gypsy Woman' sample - but let's face it, we'd be remiss if we didn't shout out the real winner: Pluto. This one goes out to you, you big, handsome, icy beast.

5. Beau - 'Karma'

'Karma' is a slice of hypnotic, lava-lamping visuals that washes street scenes with twists and turns of spilled-paint colour, a psychedelic throwback to the '60s resurgence of Eastern religions and the idea of karma, soundtracked with the scrambly lo-fi guitars and emotive jazz-sprinkled vocals of the duo themselves.

4. Nick Brewer - 'Talk To Me'

'Talk to Me' samples Crystal Waters' signature '90s cult classic 'Gypsy Woman' (which has been sampled many times since its release in 1991) but instead of simply taking it and spitting his bars over it, he's flipped the beat in his own way, added a little extra bass and found a way to bring the tempo down just a little to accommodate his rapid-fire flow.

3. Dornik - 'Stand in Your Line'

Yet another stunner.

2. Pearl Charles - 'I Ran So Far'

'I Ran So Far', conjures early '70s inspirations and west coast garage pop. Fittingly so, Pearl Charles self-titled debut EP comes courtesy of California's latest and greatest garage rock label Burger Records.

1. Morly - 'And Sooner Than We Know It…'

It's the resounding lassitudinal piano, the occasional rumbles, the swells of choral sound, the broken bristling beats of this track, as well as its bleak, washed out atmosphere, and the simultaneous quality of being warm and inviting, that make this track a winner in my eyes.