"It amazes me that we are all on Twitter and Facebook. By "we" I mean adults. We're adults, right? But emotionally we're a culture of seven-year-olds. Have you ever had that moment when are you updating your status and you realize that every status update is just a variation on a single request: "Would someone please acknowledge me?" - Marc Maron

These are our five favourite songs from the past seven days:

5. SUIIX - 'Hi'

With breezy hip-hop-flavoured drums and a carefully cut synth bassline, a rich saw wave, the vocals reverb with a dreamy foreverness – the perfect start to this desert-flavoured track, suitably tagged as "lazy synthpop" on SoundCloud. It turns more psychedelic towards the end, with sitar sounds creeping in over torrential synth washes building into a crescendo that breaks into the clarity we experienced at the beginning, overall quite a sonic experience. - Russell Thomas

4. Tkay Maidza - 'Switch Lanes' (prod. by Paces)

Jumping off the crunchy synth party romp that was 'U-Huh', Adelaide native Tkay Maidza has laid out her newest pleaser in the form of 'Switch Lanes'. Producer Paces chimes in on the effort, giving a playful slinky vibe to the 21-year-old rapper/singer. The new single comes from her forthcoming EP Switch Tape, which is expected for release sometime later this month. - Matt Korman

3. padillion x et aliae - 'CATS'

It's short but sweet. Really sweet. And really kinda short, but who cares when it's this sweet? Not me. Anyway it's not exactly BRAND new but it's good and it's called 'CATS'. Produced thanks to a team effort between padillion and London musicmaker et aliae, the track is a pattern of delicate ringtone synth, atmospheric plucked koto sounds, and darkly rumbling bass, pockmarked here and there with electronic blips, the beat first rolling and then dropping into a thoughtful trap sway. It could be a brief sound illustration of cats, I guess, coupling their sometimes serious demeanours with their much more lighthearted cute and cuddly sides. - Russell Thomas

2. Shura - 'Indecision'

Shura has has a vicegrip on the attention of the music world since she dropped her debut single 'Touch' and followed it up with 'Just Once', both of which are nothing short of stunning (and some would say pretty close to perfect pop tunes). It was only a matter of time before a label snatched her up, and that label just so happens to be Polydor. Her first ever live show will be at Pitchfork Paris, and seeing as she sold out her debut London show (on 5 November at Studio Spaces) in a day, here's to hoping she adds more dates to her "accidental European tour". Above, you can stream her third offering 'Indecision', a more upbeat song that sees her being left in the dark as to where she stands in the relationship - or if it even is one. - Tarynn Law

1. Stonewall Klaxon - 'Neon Swords'

I'm a total sucker for nostalgic samples – tug on me old heartstrings they do. Well, I say nostalgic, but I mean something closer to just "recognisable" if that's cool/fine to say. Though this one does happen to be nostalgic too; it's Navi, the fairy-guide from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (yes the full title), who adds her incessant "Hey!" and "Listen!" to this track by Austin, Texas-based producer, Stonewall Klaxon, beefed up with huge-room reverb.

In any case it's called 'Neon Swords' and aside from Zelda-themed sampling, there are other vocal samples pulled like putty in virtuosities of pitch-shifting, there are mile-wide synth chords, glistening chimes, insane and extreme vocodering, all set to a dynamic beat which employs space between each combined percussion and synth hit to make each blast of sound even more punchy. - Russell Thomas