We thought the running order for this week's feature was locked down until Thundercat swooped in with that Brainfeeder masterpiece, 'Them Changes'. Still, that doesn't mean you should skip the competition, oh no: grab a load of Cherry Glazerr, Hassani Kwess, Chastity and sakehands below.

5. Cherry Glazerr - 'Sip O' Poison'

'Sip O' Poison' is a short but sweet track that clocks in at a minute and a half of pure, unfiltered punk rock energy. It's the kind of track that'll make you want to mosh in your living room with its aggressive (but not too abrasive) sound.

4. Hassani Kwess - 'Soul/Trap'

There are few occasions in life when a blend between Soul and Trap isn't appealing. D.C. artist Hassani Kwess shares his latest track 'Soul/Trap', produced by MisterNeek. The name 'Soul/Trap' is apt indeed. The keys floating throughout add the soul, whilst the 808s bring out the trap element.

3. Chastity - 'Manning Hill'

With the help of fellow Whitby native Justin Singer (the two parties apparently met at Bible camp), the band paid a quick two minute homage to the Canadian suburb in the absolutely frantic project, which comes with amiable teen destruction (of property and self) and angst-swell.

2. sakehands - 'Toy'

Fittingly this track 'Toy' from newcomer musicmaker sakehands is full of cutesy, toytronic sounds – miniaturised bleeps, glistening glockenspiels, snappy synth chords, pizzicato strings, chimes and chopped-up vocal ping-ponging featuring heavily throughout. It's a tapestry of beautiful, detailed sounds, in any case. That's without taking into account its unique standpoint when it comes to the track's beat, rhythm, general atmosphere, a jostling host of futuristic slices of hyper-house, gummy candy-coloured footwork, mixed in with smouldering R&B vocals – all of it resulting in a soundscape that is as much sun-warped late-'90s pop as it is cute, light-spirited VGM bonanza. One to watch for sure.

1. Thundercat - 'Them Changes'

Thundercat wrote the song with Flying Lotus, and it features Kamasi Washington. Even on paper this should be the song of the week.