Step one: kick off your sweaty work shoes and relax in a the plushest chair you can find. Step two: let these gorgeous tracks prepare you for the weekend.

  • Artist: Dewy Sinatra
  • Track Name: 'Questions'
  • Location: London, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Larry Day

London's Dewy Sinatra is providing a spellbinding twist on the offerings of the future-soul elite like James Blake and Jamie Woon. Fusing his love of classic rap and cutting-edge indie-pop, he creates a kind of slick R&B that's peppered with slithering hip-hop flows and sparse melodies. It's distinctly 'London', but manages to exude a glorious sense of introspection and intimacy. Sinatra carves himself a pigeonhole all to himself with new track 'Questions', the first from his upcoming EP, Wasted Youth.

The lead single is an amorphous, gloopy syrum; with synths that strike a balance between the backing noise on the underwater levels in Sonic The Hedgehog and the slick clicks of neo-garage, Sinatra hurtles into the urban unknown. He combines three-day-bender delirium with afterparty tranquillity to create an otherworldly vibe, one that summons London's streetlamp-lit alleys at 4am when your peripheral vision blurs and your focus distorts. It's a hazy, frustrated backing that mirrors his words: “Questions on my mind, so many questions on my mind...” he croons, gliding through the crackle of old-school hip-hop beats.

  • Artist: Chance The Rapper
  • Track Name: 'Wonderful Everyday'
  • Location: Chicago, USA
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: The 405

Back in May, Chance the Rapper covered the Arthur theme song - a move which led us to freak out and demand a properly recorded version. We don't wanna claim credit for the song found at the bottom of this page but...

While the live version benefits from an increase in dynamics, the studio version features Jessie Ware, Wyclef Jean, Elle Varner, Frances & the Lights, The O'my's, Peter Cottontale and Donnie Trumpet. A fair exchange if you ask us. Listen below.

  • Artist: FKA Twigs
  • Track Name: 'Pendulum'
  • Location: Gloucestershire, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: The 405

Five tracks into her debut album LP1, as FKA Twigs, comes a song called 'Pendulum'. "So lonely trying to be yours, when you're looking for so much more," she sings, over a distorted R&B backing, lent a hint of discomfort by the dense and claustrophobic drum arrangement. It's a narrative about the power struggles in relationships where she explores the human desire and how its enhanced when a lover strays - but it could also describe this artists' promo campaign. Barnett's press model has always been nothing short of a tease; she's got a knack for giving us just enough to whet the appetite, so it's fitting when she asks, "How does it feel to have me thinking about you?"

That's taken from our review of LP1 (out August 11th via Young Turks) - an album which we decided to award our highest rating. Listen to 'Pendulum' below. It's so damn good.

  • Artist: Merely
  • Track Name: 'Forever'
  • Location: Sweden
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Matt Korman

Look, it's over. We lost. Sweden has won the pop wars. Somehow our Scandinavian brethren have figured out the winning formula for remarkably enchanting pop mainstays, and it just keeps churning out gem after furious gem.

The newest comes from Merely, a member of the verily familiar Sincerely Yours label which has also housed JJ, ceo, The Tough Alliance, and Air France, among others. 'Forever', which may or may not be part of an upcoming full length release from Merely, is a blistering and wondrous gem of glossy pop and dreamy electro-fusion. That description may hark soiled memories of Top 40 radio, but Merely punctuated the formula marvellously on her newest single.

  • Artist: Saint Raymond
  • Track Name: 'I Want You'
  • Location: Nottingham, UK
  • Link: Facebook
  • Author: Tarynn Law

We enjoyed Saint Raymond's latest EP Ghosts quite a bit, so it's with open arms that we welcome his new tune 'I Want You'. It's guitar-driven indie pop at its best and is one of my favourite tracks he's released so far. Only 19 years old and already having opened for HAIM and Ed Sheeran, there are huge things on the way for the Nottingham based musician, whose debut album will be coming later this year. It's a sure "Song of the Summer" for me and I think you'll dig it too - stream it below, and prepare to get addicted.